Wednesday, July 15, 2015

A New Way to Style Your Scarf

Outfit Details: Dress is from Me to We Style (similar), Chain Necklace is from TopShop in London (similar), Heart Chakra Necklace is from Dogeared (similar), Sunglasses are Armani in Italy (similar), Scarf is Chanel (similar), Purse is from H&M in New York (similar), Rings are Marc Jacobs Special Items (similar, similar, similar) and Sandals are Birkenstocks (similar).

Scarves have always been a favourite accessory of mine. I love how they add a sense of luxury and personality to the simplest look. A simple skinny jeans and T-Shirt look has added interest when a scarf is added to the mix. In the fall, I love to wear my luscious red animal print scarf with my leather leggings, black T-Shirt and leather jacket because the bright and colourful print makes the outfit look chic and glamorous.

In this outfit, I decided to wear my scarf is a whole new way - on the strap of my purse! With the hot and humid weather, the last thing I want is to have an extra piece of fabric tied around my neck no matter how pretty my scarf may be. The inspiration for styling my scarf on my purse came when I went on a boat cruise the other night. The weather was moist, muggy and, wet which is like poison for my freshly blow dried hair. I decided to weave my scarf around my purse strap so that in the event that it started raining I could easily protect my hairstyle and save my blow dry. As I headed downtown to meet my friends, I saw my reflection in the glass of an office building and thought to myself, "I like the way my scarf looks when it is woven around my purse strap!"and decided to recreate the look when I was running errands the other day.

My black maxi dress was the perfect backdrop for a colourful printed scarf so I knew that the look would work. I chose my chainlink necklace because I love the '90's glam look of gold chains and if you look closely you will see a mini printed scarf woven between the chains so naturally the necklace was a shoe in for this look, it also doesn't hurt that it matches with my purse. Overall this was a look that I loved wearing because it made me feel comfortable and glamorous at the same time. I also enjoy that I got to style my scarf in a new way!

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