Thursday, June 25, 2015

What to Pack For A New York City Weekend Vacation!

Outfit details: Shirt is from H&M (similar), Shorts are from Joe Fresh (similar), Scarf is Vintage Chanel and I got it from the Hell's Kitchen Flea Market in NYC (similar), Sunglasses are from a Camden Market in London (similar), Bracelets are from Alex and Ani (similar), Rings are Marc Jacobs Specialty Items (similar), Handbag is Michael Kors (same) and the shoes are Birkenstocks (same).

"New York, New York It's a Helluva Town!" I should know since I have lived there and visited the Big Apple countless times. The city that never sleeps is an exciting, whirlwind of crazy, good energy, delicious food, fun events, Broadway shows and memorable events. Just walking down the street you might stumble upon an outdoor concert, a line-up for a fashion show, a television set or you favourite celebrity going for an afternoon bike ride. In fact, when I was there I saw Katy Perry and Russell Brand riding their bikes by Central Park! Living in Toronto, New York City is a very short plane ride away making it an easy hop, skip and a jump to shopping, socializing and strolling the powerful city. When travelling I think it is always fun to pack clothes that reflect your destinations fashion sense. By doing that it makes packing easier and adds to the fantasy of your whole trip. Whenever I travel, I always feel like I am going on an adventure and by wearing clothes that fit with in that adventure it makes me more excited about my trip. New York City is known for its chic, clean and modern style so I recommend packing clothes that fit within that style. Think blazers, clean lines and flowing fabric. Although black is synonymous with New York City style, that does not mean that wearing colour is completely out of the question. Have fun with your wardrobe, take clothing risks that you wouldn't normally take while at home and let the city inspire your style. As a fashionista, you will be happy to know that New York City is filled with amazing shopping destinations so it is easy to add clothes to your travel wardrobe. When packing I recommend choosing versatile pieces such as, a necklace, a jumpsuit, stilettos, a blazer and a tote bag.

1) The Necklace

Source: Alex and Ani

When you are going to be on vacation for a short time I recommend packing one statement piece of jewelry that you can wear with multiple outfits, that way you can dress up the most simple day outfit and the most fancy night look in a few short seconds. The above necklace from Alex and Ani is from their "Road to Romance" collection and fits right in with the chic style of New York City. I love the tassel-like detail and shape of this necklace which resembles a bird.

2) The Jumpsuit

Source: GUESS
Jumpsuits are on trend and easy to wear whether you are visiting the Metropolitan Museum of Art , shopping at the Brooklyn Flea Market or grabbing drinks. I love this black style from GUESS because it can be worn with anything from an everyday handbag like this pair during the day and a necklace like the one above at night.

3) The Stiletto

Source: GUESS

The concrete jungle was made for wearing heels. Well maybe it wasn't but the hard New York City streets make wearing stilettos that much more fun because of the click-y sound they make when you are walking down the street. This strappy, nude pair is dressy and will look good with anything from the above jumpsuit to a pair of distressed jeans to a colourful print mini dress like this one

4) The Summer Blazer

Source: GUESS
Blazers are now interchangeable with jackets and despite the hot, muggy heat of New York City once the sun sets, the weather always gets cooler which is why packing a blazer is paramount. A blazer is a stylish and easy way to stay warm. I love this nautical-looking pair from GUESS. With its gold buttons and minimal lapel, it is the perfect accent piece to a great look.

5) The Tote Bag
Source: GUESS
The]is black tote bag with its simple design and gold chain is not only good for stashing your travel essentials but it works for carrying around when sightseeing and taking #OOTDs and #selfies. After you unpack your things in your hotel or Air BnB room, use this bag to store your room key, cell phone and cash so you fit right in with the stylish New Yorkers.

What are your style rules when packing for a New York City weekend vacation? Share your answers with me in the comments below, Facebook and Twitter! Also, don't forget to check out Amanda's Fashion Spot on Pinterest and Instagram!


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