Monday, June 29, 2015

Canada Day Style Part Three: Red and White Canadian Day Outfit

Our nation's flag is red and white so what better way to show your nation's pride by wearing these two beautiful shades together. Red is one of my personal favourite colours and looks fresh, nautical and summery when it is worn with the pure, clean shade of white. There are many ways that you can mix and match red and white into your Canada Day look, just read this article where I gave Canada Day style tips last year, but one of my favourite ways to mix and match the colours this year is with classic stripes. Stripes are a fun and subtle way to add colour to your outfit especially if you are someone who avoids colour. By wearing a red and white striped blouse on Canada Day not only will you look festive but you will look stylish too! This style outfit inspiration with its white skirt, animal print heels and black studded handbag are a great way to ring in Canada Day in style!

Scroll down below for an outfit analysis breakdown!

1) The Striped Blouse
I love the striped blouse above and also in the outfit inspiration photo because the stripes go in different directions which gives the classic style a twist. Part of reinventing an at times cheesy look is to give it a spin.

2) The White Skirt
Canada Day or not a white skirt is a great addition to your summer wardrobe! This mini skirt is similar to the style in the outfit inspiration photo and has an equally interesting hem making it more than just your average white summer skirt.

3) The Shoes
A touch of animal print makes any outfit instantly chic and I love how the girl in the inspiration photo  takes a simple look and makes it fashion-forward by wearing animal print heels. I love the animal print mules in the photo above.

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Enjoy and Happy Canada Day!

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