Monday, June 29, 2015

Canada Day Style Part One: Canadian Tuxedo

This Wednesday, July 1st our home and native land will celebrate it's birthday and in honour of this wonderful country I will blog about it's wonderful style or its wonderful style stereotypes. You see here in Canada there a few fashion items that we have become famous (or infamous) for. Fashion don'ts that at one point in time may have been stylish to some but as time went on became synonymous with cheesy, corny and tacky. However, here we are in the year 2015 where it seems as if anything goes in the world of style. What was once out is now in. What was once an eye sore is now stylish and unique. Amanda's Fashion Spot will take a look at some of Canada's style staples to show all of you how to reimagine them in new, fresh and fashionable ways.

Starting with the Canadian Tuxedo, I will be taking inspiration from Kylie Jenner's outfit above. This  interpretation of the Canadian Tuxedo has been very popular as of late being worn by fellow fashionistas Rihanna and her big sis Kim Kardashian. I love this look because it is a fresh take on the Canadian Tuxedo showing that in order to wear the infamous look you do not have to include jeans, all you need to do wear is denim or denim.

Scroll down below to get see how to put this outfit together!

1) The Denim Blouse

No Canadian Tuxedo would be complete without a denim blouse. I love the soft shade of this style above. The tiny buttons on the sleeves make it rolling up your sleeves a cinch! This blouse is also long enough to easily to tie around your waist a la Kylie's look or you can tuck your blouse in your skirt.

2) The Denim Skirt

We all know how edgy and stylish ripped jeans can look and a ripped, distressed denim skirt is no exception. I love how the rips and tears can give a sometimes dorky style such sass and personality. The medium wash of the skirt makes it versatile meaning you can wear it with a light denim blouse like this one or a dark denim blouse like this one and still rock the Canadian Tuxedo in style.

3) The Accessory
Canada may be known for its chilly winters but come July it is often sunny and one of the best ways to combat the sun in style is a pair of some sunnies. Like Kylie's look this pair of sunglasses has a zebra-like print which instantly gives your Canadian Tuxedo style cred.

What do you think of this Canadian Tuxedo look? How do you like to wear the Canadian Tuxedo? Share your answers with me in the comments below, Facebook and Twitter! Also, don't forget to check out Amanda's Fashion Spot on Pinterest and Instagram!

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Enjoy and Happy Canada Day!

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