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7 Essential Glamorous Fashion Pieces to Pack For A Summer Weekend Getaway

Outfit details: Blazer is from Zara (similar blazer), Dress is from One Girl Who (similar dress), Necklace is from Dogeared (similar necklace), Watch is from GUESS (similar watch), Purse is from Rebecca Minkoff (similar purse) and the Shoes are Birkenstocks (similar shoes).

Weekends take on a whole new meaning when the summer hits. After a long week of working hard at the office, there is nothing better than to kick back, relax and, have some fun! With the easy, breezy weather and warm temperatures there is so much to do from attending food festivals, music festivals and, patio parties - if you are staying in the city that is. If your weekend plans take you somewhere a little less local, your plans may instead include parties that go way past midnight, trying exotic foods and sunbathing on the beach. If your summer long weekend plans include whisking yourself off to Miami, a Caribbean island or Las Vegas, you must not hop onto that plane until you pack the following essential glamorous fashion pieces: a bikini, dressy top, high-waisted shorts, a pencil skirt, earrings, sandals and a carry-on bag. Now obviously, bringing your passport, sunscreen, a change of underwear and toiletries are very important items to bring on your summer weekend vacay but in order to keep that summer weekend wardrobe ultra glamorous, it is imperative that you pack a few bright and colourful pieces that you can mix and match during your short trip.

Scroll down below for some essential glamorous fashion pieces to pack for a summer weekend getaway!

1) Bikini
Source: GUESS
When you are venturing off to a warm climate, chances are that you will at some point need to wear a bikini whether you are lounging by the pool, sunbathing on the beach or playfully splashing in the water. For a glamorous mini vacay, I recommend wearing a flirty, floral and, ruffled bikini like this one from GUESS. There are similar flirty swimsuits here and here.

2) Dressy Top
Source: GUESS
It's time for dinner, drinks and dancing! What do you wear? A floral bustier crop top of course which is a personal favourite of mine due to its feminine fit that highlights your waist. Not only is the top flirty but it is flattering too! I love this style above from GUESS and this style as well.

3) High Waisted Shorts
Source: GUESS
High-waisted shorts have dual benefits: a vintage feel and they make your legs longer - two things that make them ideal for a short little getaway during the summer. The gold buttons on this pair from GUESS are chic and make them dressy enough to wear with the floral bikini top or the bustier crop top. I like this pair of high-waisted shorts as well.

4) Pencil Skirt
Source: GUESS
A pencil skirt is ladylike, flattering on most body types and surprising versatile as it can be worn with a tank top like in this post, a chic spaghetti-strap blouse like this one or with the matching bustier crop top above. Matching sets are very much in after all.

5) Earrings
Source: Hillberg and Berk
When accessorizing, a pair of sparkly of green studs is oh-so-appropro for a glamorous weekend escape. Just pop on the pair when wearing your GUESS bustier crop top with its matching pencil skirt before heading out to dinner and you are good to go!

6) Sandals
Source: GUESS
Wear jewelry on your feet with these jewelled sandals that will make even the most simple romper look extra glam.

7) Carry-On Bag 
Source: GUESS

No need to lug a big ole' suitcase to the airport with a cute carry-on bag like this one above which is the right size for your passport, a few pieces of clothing and, some sunscreen.
What glamorous items do you like to pack for summer weekend getaways? Share your answers with me in the comments below, Facebook and Twitter! Also, don't forget to check out Amanda's Fashion Spot on Pinterest and Instagram!

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