Friday, June 19, 2015

3 Chic and Stylish Fitness Outfits To Wear When Exercising

With our busy lives and schedules it is easy to forget about scheduling exercise in to our daily routines but as I know firsthand, it is so important that you make sure that you get your fitness in at least 4 days a week. I know that I always feel better when I work out regularly especially when I can lift heavy grocery bags and bend down to pick something up with ease! However, from time to time I feel lazy, tired and, just don't feel like breaking a sweat. To perk myself up I often think of the benefits of working out: a fit and toned body, better stamina, natural glow but when thinking of those things still don't keep me motivated I put on a cute workout outfit! When you look better, you feel better right? And truthfully, wearing proper workout clothes while exercising really does make working out feel more comfortable because it allows your body to breathe while you are sweating it out.

Scroll down below to see three chic and stylish fitness outfits that are sure to keep you looking and feeling good while you break a sweat!

1) Neon Waves and Weightlifting 

Source: Forever 21
Brightly coloured workout wear always makes me feel extra peppy which is the right feeling to have when you are working out. Keeping your spirits up while working out makes your exercise even more enjoyable so throw on the neon workout gear and pick up some weights. I love the crashing waves print on these pants that just scream beach fun and summertime. I love this pair and this pair too. Neon yellow is a nice colour to wear with these pants because it contrasts so nicely with the bright blue shades on the pants.

2) Palm Beach Pilates

Source: Forever 21
I am in love with Palm Beach prints which probably has to do with my recent interest in all things California, sunny and warm. Looking at a palm tree brings up feelings of exotic adventures and fun times, the exact things I want to be thinking about when doing an excruciating plank. The beautiful blue shades in the pair above are reminiscent of the blissful sky. Here are some other fun palm print fitness clothing items here and here.

3) Stair Master Stripes

Source: Forever 21
This black and white striped work out shirt is as classic as the print itself! The cropped, tank top style and the loose cut make it on trend and easy to wear outside of the gym, after your work out when you are catching up with your bestie as you drink yummy green juice. This tank top and this tank top  are chic alternatives to the versatile fitness top. The shorts are a natural match for the top and a great length if you plan on wearing them while practicing hot yoga.
What ways do you infuse style into your fitness wardrobe? Share your answers with me in the comments below, Facebook and Twitter! Also, don't forget to check out Amanda's Fashion Spot on Pinterest and Instagram!

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