Tuesday, June 23, 2015

1 Easy Style Tip When Packing for a Summer Weekend Getaway!

Outfit details: Blouse is from Smart Set (similar), Shorts are from H&M (similar), Hat is from Big It Up! (similar), Eagle Necklace is from Top Shop in London (similar), Blue Necklace is from Dogeared (similar), Sunglasses are from ALDO (similar), Bracelets are from Alex and Ani (similar), Shoes are Birkenstocks (similar) and the purse is from Forever 21 (similar).

With summer officially here, weekends are hotter and more fun than ever! Sometimes with the excitement of the sunshine we are often faced with last minute weekend getaway plans that give us a few hours to pack our bags and head off on our adventure. Now, the fashionista in all of us that wants to pack their entire wardrobe in their bag "just in case" some unforeseen event comes up, knows that this method of packing can be inconvenient. When trekking off to your summer getaway, the last thing you want to do carry a really heavy bag. In order to make packing for your short vacay easier it is best to have a method to your packing style, so I suggest picking a colour scheme for your entire travel wardrobe. By choosing a wardrobe colour scheme, it gives you one less thing to think about when you are throwing all of your clothes in a carry-on bag at the last minute. The colour scheme that you choose will depend on your weekend plans. If your going camping, then you may want to stick to a darker colour scheme so you don't stain your lighter clothes with dirt. If you are going to the Caribbean for the weekend, then a white colour scheme would work better due to the hot climate. For this post I am going to focus on a neutral colour scheme which makes it easier to create last minute outfits and matches with any accessories of your choosing.

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1) The Printed Dress
Source: GUESS
Just because a dress is printed it does not mean that it cannot be neutral. The colours on this printed dress are soft and light which is similar to a neutral so it works all the same. This dress has gold chainlink straps which makes it more dressy and appropriate for after dinner drinks. This dress and this dress are cute too.

2) The Crochet Dress
Source: GUESS
With its deep V-Neckline, there is nothing matronly about this crochet dress whose fabric also tends to make it more form-fitting. I recommend wearing this dress during the daytime with this necklace and this denim jacket just in case there is a cool breeze where you are vacationing.

3) The Fringe Bathingsuit
Source: GUESS
When wearing a neutral colour, interesting details like fringe keep the look edgy and different. I love the flattering halter-style of this bathing suit from GUESS which gives the fringe more dimension since the fringe details will be pulled up when you tie it. Try wearing this bathing suit with this lightweight kimono while lounging by the pool.

4) White Distressed Shorts

Source: GUESS
I love shorts! They are about as easy to wear as jeans are to wear in the cooler seasons, they are great for showing off those legs and, you know how I feel about wearing white in the summer. These shorts can be worn with the above bathing suit when you are lounging or shopping at a near by gift shop. You can also wear these shorts with this chic, cropped blouse.

5) The Wedges

Source: GUESS
If you are going to wear heels in the summer, wedges are the way to go especially when travelling because they are comfortable enough for walking around and with the right pair can give you the right amount of height. This pair from GUESS has nice feminine details with the lace and bow. This pair and this pair are some of my other favourite pairs of wedges.

6) The Carry-on Bag

Source: GUESS
No need to leave the neutral colour scheme to your wardrobe, the same rules can apply to your carry-on bag. You have probably heard the statement, "leopard print is my neutral" well guess what snake print is a neutral too and it adds interest to any look. This snakeskin tote bag is as totes chic as the one above.
What are your easy style tips when packing for a summer weekend getaways? Share your answers with me in the comments below, Facebook and Twitter! Also, don't forget to check out Amanda's Fashion Spot on Pinterest and Instagram!

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