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Style Crush, Style Staples 'It' Models Edition: Gigi Hadid

The early '90's had Naomi, Christy and Linda. Now it's the mid-teens and we have Kendall, Cara and Bella with her older sister Gigi leading the pack. Recently celebrating her 20th birthday, Gigi Hadid's modelling career is on fire! As the new face of Maybelline, Gigi was also named one of the world's Most Beautiful People by People magazine, is a Seafolly brand ambassador and a returning GUESS girl. These days not much can get in the way of the budding supermodel and with a model as a mother, it is no surprise that Gigi's model star is shining brightly.

When it comes to her fashion sense, Gigi takes a more a laid back approach by frequently wearing simple t-shirts, classic skinny jeans and well-structured blazers. Mainly sticking to a neutral colour palette, colour is not a large part of Gigi's wardrobe however she occasionally wears bright blue or tangerine orange which compliment her sunny blonde hair and sky blue eyes.

Like my style crushes before her, Gigi sticks to what works for her and wears pieces that let her natural beauty shine including, skinny jeans, fancy pants and jumpsuits, unique jackets, straight-cut skirts and, outfits that show just the right amount of skin.

Wears a lot of black and white. Does not wear a lot of skirts or dresses.

1) Skinny jeans 
When it comes to wearing skinny jeans, Gigi sticks to two things: a light wash and shreds. The lighter shade of Gigi's jeans are reminiscent of the every popular '90's fashion revival fashion trend and the shreds are an edgy touch that give simple jeans an extra dose of personality. By pairing her jeans with simple T-shirts, Gigi celebrates her all-American girl image but never forgets to add a little something extra by often wearing mirrored sunglasses and booties with her look.

2) Fancy Pants and Jumpsuits
Source: Refinery29
Gigi sure likes to rock a pantsuit and not the kind that we saw in the '70's and '80's. The pant styles that Gigi wears are of a much more modern variety from skinny styles to leather details to prints and silky fabrics. For her 20th birthday celebration, Gigi wore navy skinny pants with leather panels and white button details at the ankle. For another high-profile event, Gigi wore a printed jumpsuit with a cropped leather jacket. These outfits go to show that Gigi is not afraid to go against the grain and borrow from the boys.

3) Unique Jackets
When wearing a classic jeans and T-shirt outfit, an unique jacket is all you need to top off the look - a style rule that Gigi lives by. The studded cropped leather jacket in the photo above doesn't just top of her look, they make her look! The black t-shirt and pants are the perfect pieces to wear with the studded jacket because they don't compete and this keeps the overall outfit balanced.

4) Straight-Cut Skirts
Sometimes it is best to stick to what works and with her toned legs, it is no surprise that Gigi favours straight-cut skirts. Gigi usually wears her straight-cut skirts with long sleeves and crop tops - an ideal coupling that keeps the focus on her greatest asset.

5) Outfits That Show Just the Right Amount of Skin
When Gigi decides to wear revealing looks, she makes sure to show off just the right amount of skin to ensure that she leaves little to the imagination. The strategically cut black gown that she wore to the Vanity Fair Oscar Party exposes just enough and the thigh high slit complements the overall look.

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