Monday, August 4, 2014

It's Back!: Five Ways To Wear Tie Dye Print

The tie dye trend is back and if you didn't already know, all you have to do is take a look at the resort 2015 designer collections where tie dye pieces were shown by Michael Kors, Alexander Wang and Gucci. Various tie dye techniques, such as shibori and ikat were used by early civilizations and in the 1960's resist-dyeing gained popularity being characterized by bright, saturated colours and spiral patterns. The tie dye prints of the 1960's were typically found on giant, shapeless T-shirts and were worn by hippies and protesters alike but the tie dye prints of today are found on clothing items that are a little more fashion-forward, a moto-jacket or a pencil skirt for example. The great thing about tie dye prints is that they inject a splash of fun to otherwise simple, summer pieces. Have you ever wanted to give the tie dye print trend a try? Scroll down below for inspiration!

1. The Tie Dye Blouse
Fashion blogger superstar, Aimee Song from Song of Style certainly knows style. The way she has styled this blue and white tie dye print blouse is how to the wear the print if you want to have fun with your look but still remain on the side of a fashionista. If you are hesitant about wearing tie dye, try the print in a fashion piece that can easily be worn with other pieces such as a blouse. When wearing tie dye prints, many of the same colour matching rules still apply. As you can see in Aimee's outfit, she paired the bright blue with a contrasting coral coloured jacket.

2. The Tie Dye Kimono
Kimonos are a laid-back fashion item that look just right with a relaxed pair of shorts and simple tank top as is shown above. When you add tie dye print to a kimono, you have a laid-back fashion item that is playful. As this outfit shows, tie dye print works exceptionally well when worn with basic pieces as it adds a joyful touch to an otherwise uncomplicated look.

3. The Tie-Dye Romper
Rompers are your summer wardrobe's answer to carefree dressing because you have the comfort of a dress without the worry of exposing too much when you uncross your legs. What makes the look of a carefree romper even more interesting is a tie dye print, whether the print is multi-tonal, multi-coloured or monochromatic the unique print gives the romper a sense of playfulness.

4. The Tie Dye Shorts
Shorts are a summer style essential and when they are a multi-coloured tie dye print they go from a basic pair of shorts to bottoms with a blast. When wearing tie dye shorts pair them with a solid loose-fitting blouse because it keeps the look chic and sophisticated while still maintaing the fun factor.

5. The Tie Dye Dress
There is nothing more glamorous than a full-length dress with a thigh-high slit. Ever since Angelina Jolie wowed the world with her right leg, dresses with thigh-high slits have been seen everywhere. Now if you wear a thigh-high slit you are sure to make dramatic statement and when you want to keep that statement cheerful, wear your dress in tie dye print! As you can see in the outfit above, a dress that would otherwise be appropriate to wear to a formal evening event is now something that you can wear to an occasion that is less formal.

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