Thursday, August 21, 2014

Crop Tops and Pencil Skirts

Take a look at any celebrity, fashion blogger or street style star and it's not difficult to see that crop tops are cropping up here, there and everywhere! With the popularity of green juices, spin classes and an overall healthy lifestyle, it is no surprise that women are feeling more comfortable putting their midriff on display. However, the brilliance of the popular crop top is that you can wear one regardless of your size which further explains why the miniature shirt is such a summer fashion favourite. There are many things that one can wear with a crop top from distressed jeans to maxi skirts to shorts but my personal favourite fashion item to wear with tiny tops is the classic, slim cut pencil skirt. Let's be honest, a crop top can be quite revealing so a pencil skirt is the perfect antidote to looking too sexy when wearing a crop top. Scroll down for tips on how to wear crop tops and pencil skirts!

1. A T-Shirt Crop Top 
Crop tops come in all fits, shapes and sizes but just like its regular-sized counterpart the T-Shirt, a T-Shirt style crop top is a classic style that will work with just about anything. In the outfit above, we see that a simple black crop top has been paired with an ombre circular printed pencil skirt and this is a great pairing because it creates balance. The high waist style of the skirt reveals just a sliver of skin keeping the outfit ladylike.

2. A Boxy T-Shirt Crop Top 
If you would like to wear a more modern looking T-Shirt with your crop top, you may try a boxy T-Shirt crop top that has the same look of a T-Shirt but is less fitted. Wearing a neutral coloured crop top with a brightly coloured pencil skirt creates a balanced look with added interest that is still modern.

3. A Printed Crop Top 
Prints are always fun and mixing prints in one outfit is even more fun. This polka dot print crop top compliments this pop art print pencil skirt wonderfully because it picks up the dots on the skirt. When wearing a printed crop top with a pencil skirt, printed or not, the same rules of matching with other fashion pieces apply: look for items with matching colours for a more complete look.

4. A Bustier Crop Top 
There is nothing sexier than a crop top, well except a bustier crop top, which is why it works so well with a slim-fitting pencil skirt. This outfit worn by Selena Gomez exemplifies just how well a crop top and pencil skirt look together. The length of the skirt creates an equilibrium with the bustier crop top because it is knee length so it does not reveal too much skin.

5. A Long-Sleeved Crop Top
I just love the look of a long-sleeved crop top as it is a mix of two extremes all-in-one and creates a flirty yet somewhat conservative top. When the long-sleeved crop top is worn with a pencil skirt, the combination enhances the dichotomous feel of the crop top.

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