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Style Crush, Style Staples: Olivia Palermo

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Some people just have a knack for certain things. Patti LaBelle was undoubtedly born to sing, Steve Jobs knew exactly how to make computers user-friendly and, William Shakespeare told stories like no other. When it comes to style, Olivia Palermo is right up there with those who have a natural born talent. Ever since her appearance on The City where we saw her working at Diane Von Furstenberg and ELLE magazine in her eclectic-glam outfits that were always accentuated by a striking statement necklace, she has remained on the style radar of magazines and websites far and wide. Never one to fall off the best-dressed list, Olivia's style influence has recently been solidified with an exclusive design collaboration with Westward Leaning . The newlywed recently wore a look to her wedding that consisted of a cream cashmere sweater adorned with ostrich feathers, white shorts and a tulle skirt decorated with floral details all designed by Carolina Herrera. Olivia's bridal gown may not have been traditional but then again nothing that she wears ever is conventional.

Scroll down below to see some of the former reality star's style staples!

The White Skirt

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When Olivia wears a white skirt she doesn't just wear it, she owns it and gravitates toward atypical silhouettes, I might add. Instead of a classic pencil skirt, she wears a tulip skirt. Rather than an A-Line cut, she slips on a pleated style. The white skirt is a versatile fashion piece for Olivia as she wears it with more than just the average simple shirt. Alternatively, she goes for a printed button-up blouse which takes the piece from simple to fashion forward.  

The Distressed Jean 
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As we all know, distressed denim is one hot and edgy fashion trend that is taking street style by storm. In true Olivia Palermo fashion (pun intended), when she wears distressed denim she makes it look like the perfect blend between eclectic and chic. Wearing the shredded bottoms with structured pieces such as a slightly undone denim button-up blouse and a cream blazer helps the ripped jeans achieve an air of sophistication that Olivia pulls off flawlessly.

The Statement Accessories 
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If there is one thing that Olivia knows how to wear it is a statement necklace! Whether the outfit is neutral big, bold or colourful she still manages to make a statement necklace work. The style of statement necklace that Olivia wears has no bounds whether it features metal pieces, colourful stones or chains anything goes! And here's a little fashion tip from me to you: if you are a little shy about going out of your style comfort zone, wearing a statement necklace is an effective and easy to do it. 

Graphic Prints
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Graphic prints have the ability to make the simplest of fashion items a little bit more interesting by injecting those basics with personality. When said graphic prints are are worn together it packs an even greater fashion punch. Olivia is no fashion wallflower and from a style standpoint she has enough personality to fill the room, as she is no stranger to wearing graphic prints. In each of these looks, Olivia makes it work by pairing opposing prints together that still complement each other.

The Standout Shorts 

It's shorts season and Olivia sure knows how to make a statement with the summer style staple. Much like the rest of her wardrobe choices, Olivia does not wear just any shorts she instead goes for shorts with a little je ne sais quoi. The pink metallic shorts for example, take the everyday fashion piece from casual to evening appropriate. The animal print pair show that shorts can be more than just a casual summer must have that can be fashion-forward too.

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