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Off to the Races: Queen's Plate Fashion

On July 6th it's time to up the fashion, put on your best Sunday hat, saddle up and watch the horse races at the Queen's Plate which was founded in 1860 by the Sir Casimir Gzowski and Thomas Patteson who requested that Queen Victoria grant a plate for the horse races in Toronto. The request was granted and the Queen's Plate was established as "the sport of royalty"when the daughter of Queen Victoria, Princess Louise agreed to attend the horse races. Those who attend the horse races are focussed on more than just galloping horses in the racetracks. Once people can peel their eyes away from the horses, all of the attention is on the fashion. There are certain style staples that make an outfit perfect for a day with the horses that would work especially well for the Queen's Plate. Scroll down below to see the looks!

The Exaggerated Hat
You know what they say, go big or go home! When it comes to wearing a hat to the horse races, sometimes you just have to go big. Although there are many variations of appropriate hats to wear when seeing the equines compete, a colourful wide brim hat, like this one is the most obvious and fun option. A large hat is a sure way to standout and get into to the spirt of the day. If your are the type who likes to make a grandiose fashion statement, then some chic and grand headgear is sure to make a style impact. For the rest of your outfit, a neutral shift dress and accessories such as a bracelet like this one or a stylish watch are all that you need to complete the look. When wearing such a large hat, you don't want to wear a competing piece and instead keep the hat as your outfit anchor.

The Floral Dress
There is something about a floral printed dress that seems ideal for an event such as the Queen's Plate. A floral printed dress is ladylike, summer appropriate and fresh which works seamlessly with the the exciting day event. Attending a formal event during the day includes wearing the right shoes and  nude pumps are an awesome choice as they evoke the same feelings as a floral printed dress and look good with everything. However if you are in a daring mood, you could always try a pink pump, printed pump or even a very current colour blocked pump to wear with your outfit. The colour of the shoe you wear all depends on the colours on your dress. A fascinator is a standout and ladylike option that is sure to pair nicely with a floral printed dress.

The Handbag
No outfit is complete without a handbag especially an outfit that is worn to watch the horses go at it on the racetrack! Considering the feminine nature of an outfit worn at the Queen's Plate, a smaller handbag for all of your daily essentials is a safe bet. For your handbag, you may go the root of Lupita N'Yongo and match your handbag to your dress or you could go with a neutral handbag to compliment your dress or go with a handbag in a contrasting colour. The sky's the limit in terms of colour but I suggest sticking to a more ladylike handbag. A wide brim hat keeps within the tradition of horse race fashion.

The Monochromatic Look
When in doubt, wear matching colours! A monochromatic outfit consisting of one solid colour is a simple and effective way to standout in the horse match crowd. Now wearing a monochromatic look does not mean that you cannot add a few different colours to your outfit. Case in point, the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton breaks up her monochromatic look with by carrying a black clutch handbag to compliment her blue dress  and matching fascinator. Adding a complimenting colour to a monochromatic outfit helps create interest in your look while not veering too far away from the solidarity of the outfit.

The No Hat Look
Although wearing a fascinator or ginormous hat are style staples for the horse races, if you find yourself unable to find one in time to attend the Queen's Plate I recommend wearing a beautiful, summery maxi dress. In the photo above, Alessandra Ambrosio is wearing a printed maxi dress and stylish belt that may go against the grain in terms of horse race style, but it is still a look that elegantly and appropriate.

What do you think of these Queen's Plate looks? What style items do you feel are essential for the Queen's Plate? Let me know in the comments below, Facebook and Twitter! Also, don't forget to check out Amanda's Fashion Spot on Pinterest and Instagram!


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