Monday, June 30, 2014

Happy Canada Day with Style!

Tomorrow is a big day, ladies and gentlemen! Tomorrow is the day that our nation gets to celebrate the day that the British North American colonies joined together and collectively became the nation that we call Canada. Some of you may be gathering with friends and family on the big day or you may be spending a relaxing day at the beach and later watching the fireworks, whatever you find yourself doing you need something to wear! But what to wear on our nation's day? To reveal your answer first consider the weather, the summer heat has arrived so you know you are going to wear something summery. Canada's colours are red and white and as someone that loves a little festivity when dressing for an occasion, I suggest incorporating these colours into your summer outfit. Now that you have two things narrowed down, all you have left to do to complete your outfit is to find some summer clothing or accessories in red and white to incorporate into your overall look. Scroll down below for inspiration!

1. The Arm Party
Source: Alex and Ani 
An arm party is always fun especially on celebratory Canada Day! When wearing a collection of beaded and charmed bracelets such as the Alex and Ani pair above, add them to an outfit that is a little undone. A loose-fitting white button-down blouse similar to this one with rolled-up distressed jean shorts like these ones work perfectly with an arm party because both looks are laid-back and carefree. If you are attending a BBQ or house party, an outfit like this is a viable option.

2. The Statement Necklace
Source: Brika
What better day to make a statement than on Canada's Day? If a modern and chic look is what you plan on wearing on Canada's birthday, then accessorize with a statement necklace. A red woven and chained statement necklace such as the above by Brika, shows the Canadian love while meeting your style quota at the same time. I recommend wearing this necklace with a white short-sleeved blouse similar to this, relaxed pants or skinny jeans like these and some nice summer sandals.

3. The Elegant Watch
Source: WATCH IT!
A simple white Michael Kors watch from WATCH IT! like the one above, is just what you need for your Canada Day ensemble. The sleek and sophisticated design works nicely with a bright red printed silk romper like this one from Yumi Kim or this one. The red and white colour combo spells "I love Canada" and "I love summer style" all at the same time.

4. The Summer Shorts 
Source: GUESS
Who wears short shorts? You will be wearing short shorts if you pick up this floral printed pair from GUESS in time for Canada Day. The tiny print adds femininity to the summer staple which is why I suggest wearing it with a red blouse . The soft layers and crossed neckline are a dainty touch that complements the relaxed shorts.

5. The Relaxed Shoe
Source: Manitobah Mukluks
Whether you are jumping on your friend's trampoline at a backyard house party or relaxing by the lake at the cottage on Canada Day, comfort is key. These burgundy fringed booties from Manitobah Mukluks are sure to keep those tootsies cozy while enjoying Canada's big day. For your Canada Day outfit, play off the fringe on the shoes and carry a fringed handbag. You will need something to carry all of your daily needs and this way you will be on top of the spring trends and coordinated.

What do you think of these Canada Day style tips and looks? Let me know in the comments below,
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