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Denim in Distress: 5 Chic, Interesting and Balanced Ways to Wear Ripped Jeans

Jeans everywhere are distressed. Maybe people are feeling more laid-back lately or maybe people are taking a more hands-on approach when it comes to working around this house? Whatever the case may be, ripped jeans are having a stylish moment. Once upon a time ripped jeans were mainly worn by rockstars, labourers and even by people working in the garden but now ripped jeans are something that look appropriate for all occasions! Ok, maybe not all occasions. I wouldn't recommend wearing ripped jeans in an office environment but if you are running around town, going to lunch or, headed out on a date, ripped jeans are smart choice.

Wearing ripped jeans with a casual t-shirt, a button-up blouse or a tank top is the most common way to wear distressed denim and creates a rough, laid-back look. However, in my opinion one of the freshest ways to wear shredded denim is with something chic and sophisticated. Why wear two opposing looks in one outfit you may ask? Because pairing something grunge-looking with something prim makes for an outfit that is interesting and balanced and with the right styling your outfit will look inherently chic. Looking for some tips on how to achieve a chic, interesting and balanced outfit whilst wearing ripped jeans? Scroll down below!

Chic Ripped Jeans Look Number One

In this ripped jeans look, we see the shredded denim trend on a lower scale with small rips that reveal the threaded layers of the denim. If you are a distressed denim virgin and would like to dip your toes into the trend, a pair like this one and in the photograph above is a good pair to try. The medium wash and minor tears pair well with an effortless white short-sleeved blouse, transparent handbag (similar) and ladylike white sandals. The culmination of these fashion pieces with lightly ripped jeans creates a chic, easy, interesting and balanced look perfect for the summer.

Chic Ripped Jeans Look Number Two

These ripped jeans (there is a similar pair here) have more shreds and slashes than the previous pair and a clever way to balance out their rough and tumble look is to wear it with a floral print blouse and colourful printed clutch. Bright shades and patterns add an unique personality to distressed denim that is different than the typical headbanger look and instead makes the cut jeans appear soft and feminine. Plastic, thick framed sunglasses and pointy toe sandals cap off the look.

Chic Ripped Jeans Look Number Three

Skinny jeans with complete holes at the knee take ripped jeans to a whole new level. The pair in the photograph personify the chic, interesting, balanced ripped jeans look because they are fitted like a chic pair of jeans and there is no denying their distress. To elevate the chic factor of your outfit when wearing denim like these, couple them with classic pieces that have an added touch of interest such as a fitted white t-shirtblack stiletto booties and a black jacket. The black shoulder bag in the above photo is the perfect classic-meets-interesting accessory (similar one here) that works seamlessly with the overall outfit.

Chic Ripped Jeans Look Number Four

This denim look embodies the chic, interesting and balance ripped jeans look to a T with an emphasis on chic, mainly because of the gold embellished blouse (similar one here) and gorgeous quilted handbag, which can't help but make an outfit appear chic. The snug fit of the ripped jeans (similar one here ) enhance the chicness of this outfit as well because they are refined and the black booties play up the edginess of the cuts and shreds. If the idea of shredded denim brings up the feeling of hairbands and makes you cringe, this outfit will certainly change your opinion of the matter.

Chic Ripped Jeans Look Number Five

Although the above pair of distressed denim is quite distressed (similar pair here), they are almost an afterthought due to the stylish printed blazerstatement necklace and blue aviators. Wearing shredded jeans with standout accessories in a classic cuts balances out the impact of the jeans without tipping the scales of this outfit's focus. A studded handbag in a classic style creates an equilibrium that is embodied in this outfit.

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