Friday, May 9, 2014

Amanda's Fashion Spot Manscaping Preferences

Manicures, pedicures, facial contouring and, bronzers - all normal parts of the average man's beauty routine. Huh? Pampering and primping is not just marketed to women anymore. Beauty companies everywhere are embracing those with XY chromosomes and men's grooming routines have come a long way from simply shaving and splashing some water of their handsome faces. Tom Ford, for example, has a line of men's grooming products which include concealer and bronzing gel and the company Manglaze is a line of matte nail polish geared towards men. And let's not forget that there are many a men out there who tweeze and groom their unibrows and sometimes unruly eyebrows.

Despite the rising trend of male grooming, this fashionista prefers a man with a more simple approach to his everyday "beauty" routine. A clean face, fresh breath and nice body odour works for me and by nice body odour I mean, a clean, fresh scent that is free of overpowering cologne. A subtle spritz of the manly spray or nothing at all works just fine. My male beauty grooming preferences apply to hairstyles as well. No dye jobs, mohawks or shaggy hairstyles for me (sorry, Harry Styles) I much prefer a man with a more clean-cut look that is a little undone a la Justin Timberlake during the Justified years or like Brad Pitt on the December 2001 cover of Vanity Fair. When it comes to facial hair, no Jack Galifianakis-esque full-bearded look for this lady. All of that hair is just too much but a clean shave or 5 o'clock shadow is just right and apparently many other women think so too - a recent study by Australian scientists has shown that the more common full beards are, the less attractive they become.  In case you were wondering, I like a man with a clean cut look with a little bit of an edge.
With that said, just like fashion and beauty trends for women I believe that men should feel free to groom themselves in whatever way makes them feel their absolute best but that doesn't mean there aren't a few rules that they should adhere to:

Number #1: If you have wild, Tarzan eyebrows that have grown so thick that you think of "2 Become 1" by the Spice Girls every time you look in the mirror then I suggest tweezing the hair between the brows to achieve a cleaner look that still looks natural.

Number #2: A good skincare routine is essential for fresh, clear skin whether you are a man or a woman so invest in some good quality products to keep your mug looking its best.

Number #3: Sometimes too much of a good thing is well too much and that rule applies to cologne. Don't overdo the cologne. You don't want people to smell your cologne before they smell you. A light spritz is more than enough and if you eat a clean diet and take regular showers you will smell just fine!

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