Sunday, March 16, 2014

St. Patrick's Day: Skirting the Fashion

Now that you know which accessories to accessorize your outfit with for the celebratory day of green, shamrocks, leprechauns and honouring the patron saint St. Patrick, it is time to figure out what to wear. Although it is still frosty outside, spring will officially be here in just a few days so why not celebrate the upcoming warm weather early and wear a green skirt! Whether the shade is deep, light or somewhere in between, anything goes on a St. Patrick's Day as long as it's green!

Scroll down to look at some skirts to wear on St. Patrick's Day!

1. The Knee- or Mid-Length Skirt
If your plans for St. Patrick's Day are of the low key variety, then when you are say working hard at the office or meeting your friends for lunch, try out wearing a longer skirt. Not only are longer skirts a hot trend for spring but they are ladylike to boot! With their additional fabric, they will keep you a wee bit warm with the expected -6 degree Celsius weather that is expected for tomorrow. A-line skirts help create the illusion of a small waist and flatter most body types. As seen above, knee- or mid- length skirts look fashionable with everything from collared shirts to crop tops as well as turtlenecks and embellished sweatshirts.

2. The Short Pleated Skirt
Plan on hitting the pub on St. Patrick's Day? Then you should wear a short pleated skirt. Once only associated with schoolgirl uniforms, short pleated skirts are now very commonly worn by women over the age of 18. When coupled with dark colours, cropped blazers and moto jackets, short pleated skirts can look mature, sophisticated, chic and edgy. To stay a little warm with the expected chilly temperatures tomorrow, pair your stockings with black tights for a flirty look that is still functional.

3. The Straight-Cut Skirt
The straight-cut skirt has also made its way into a new fashion territory with styles being seen with prints, embellishments and, various fabrications. Once reserved for office wear and business-related events, a straight-cut skirt can go from conservative to party ready with just a few extra details. Therefore for St. Patrick's Day, no matter what your plans are a straight-cut skirt is a viable option.

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