Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Amanda's Fashion Spot Favourite Celebrity Looks

Whenever I look for outfit inspiration I look for it through many sources, from magazines to street style to Pinterest to films and artwork. I love the feeling that I get when I am inspired because I feel invigorated and alive. I feel driven to try wearing something new and venture out of my comfort zone or perhaps even think of the clothes that I already have in my own closet in a whole new way. As I looked at the celebrity fashion looks below, I could not help but think of the season to come - the season of warmth, bright sunshine and lush, colourful flowers. Each of these looks have something about them that says, "spring!" whether it be the bright red cropped pants worn by Jordana Brewster, the bright blue long-sleeved dress worn by Maria Menounos or the nude pumps on Jennifer Lopez. 

Scroll down below to see what I am talking about!

Source: Instyle.com
This look by Jordana Brewster is a fresh and modern take on a traditional suit. The bright colour is red with a touch of tangerine, which is on-trend with the hot colours for spring. Pairing the suit with a white T-Shirt and grey pointed toe heels help balance out the standout colour creating an overall bright and balanced outfit. What also helps modernize this outfit is the cropped length of the pants and blazer, which makes the look figure-flattering.  

Source: peoplestylewatch.com
Cropped tops made a huge splash last summer and they are showing no signs of slowing down. What I love about this look on Jessica Alba is that she combined a warm weather trend with a cold weather colour. A crop top and pencil skirt in a rich burgundy shade gives this look interest and depth. When combined with the shiny, metallic silver of the heels and clutch the look is en vogue for spring.

Source: peoplestylewatch.com
Although I love to play with trends and experiment with style, sometimes what I love to wear the most are simple pieces such as this bright blue dress worn by Maria Menounos. The great thing about long-sleeved dresses is that they are versatile and depending on the accessories they can look classic, edgy or dressy. The glamorous yet minimal accessories such as the chandelier earrings, gold clutch and easy, metallic heels add interest to the overall look of this long-sleeved blue dress.

Source: denimblog.com
Coloured denim has made a huge splash of the last couple of years and while we are starting to see lighter denim washes and printed denim as of late, when worn the the right colour this denim still makes an impact. Jennifer Lopez's pink jeans scream fun and flirty for spring! Worn with a fitted pink T-shirt, stacked bracelets and curvy ponytail, the monochromatic look has the makings for a modern-day Barbie girl look.

Source: starstyle.com
Floral prints are always a trend for spring and when worn with a leather motorcycle jacket, sheer tights and black booties it takes the daisy print from frilly to edgy. What is so much fun about styling is how a print or cut can look drastically different depending on what you wear it with and this outfit worn by Olivia Munn proves just that.

Source: starstyle.com

The thing about classics is that they never go out of style and for years to come they will forever look modern. White jeans are one of those spring fashion items that will always look fresh and stylish. To amp up their classic factor wear them with a black and white striped top and black blazer a la Miranda Kerr in the look above.

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