Monday, February 3, 2014

Winter Music Festival Fashion

The weather outside has been frightful but winter music festivals are always delightful. To take the time  to forget about all of your troubles and do nothing but enjoy your favourite music artists, is a true indulgence. Who says that enjoying a music festival has to be reserved for the warm summer months? Us Canadians are accustomed to the cold, blistering weather after all. Come rain or snow, we Canadians still know how to have a good time, all you have to do is turn up the music.

Now when Coachella rolls arounds, we get to see all of the hippie, flower child-inspired fashions that has become the go-to, unofficial uniform of music festivals. While the lightweight clothing that concert goers adorn themselves with in the warm summer months may be appropriate, that style just won't fly in the way below zero temperatures that we experience in the Canadian winter. Therefore, if you plan on getting your groove on at any of the winter music festivals this year such as Igloofest this weekend and Wavelength next week, you must wear something that is both warm and fashionable. Underneath that cozy winter coat, be sure to sport something that is both colourful and unique as it will keep your spirits up as you dance away the cold.

Scroll down below for some winter music festival fashion inspiration!

1. Make a statement as you get your groove on.

When dancing up a storm and getting lost in the sounds at a winter music festival, wearing something that stands out helps keep you in the mood to have fun. Stripes are always in style and the check-like stripes on this MINKPINK sweater are an unique take on the classic print. As the saying goes, "Time flies when you are having fun" and that is true when you are enjoying your favourite music. However, with this colourful Casio G-Shock watch from WATCH IT!, it won't be hard to keep track of the time especially when you want to know what time your favourite act will be performing. 

2. Drop it low as the music is turned up.

Long sweaters are one of my personal winter style staples as they are a functional and chic way to stay warm in the winter. Long sweaters are functional because the extra length keeps you extra warm compared to the average sweater and chic because they serve as a great layering piece. Wearing a silk collared button-up underneath this MINKPINK sweater with fitted pants is a great way to achieve the goal of being stylish and balmy. This on-trend bright orange watch from WATCH IT! compliments the grey sweater perfectly and will ensure that you do not lose track of the time.

3. Embrace the cold with style.

This MINKPINK tribal print-inspired sweater works seamlessly with these Manitobah Mukluks. All you have to do is add some coated black skinny jeans in either black, oxblood or olive green, a cute winter hat and you are good to go! 

What are your thoughts on Winter Music Festival Fashion? What rules do you live by when trying to stay warm and fashionable?

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