Thursday, December 19, 2013

Who Says Winter Wear Cannot Be Stylish?

Winter is technically not here but boy does it certainly feel like it! Over the weekend, we had a huge snowfall with even more snow headed our way. The temperature has considerably dropped with meteorologists stating that Toronto has been experiencing below seasonal temperatures. With the cold weather and the fluffy snow, what is a fashionista to do to ensure the she stays warm and maintains her style? Invest in some stylish winterwear and accessories that is what she will do! It's a good thing there are so many wonderful options available at Raindrops. As I have mentioned before, Raindrops has many functional wet weather items that are equally stylish because "Raindrops knows how to keep Canadians warm and fashionable during the winter!" Also, it is a big misconception in the style world that winterwear lacks fashionable flair but that is simply not true. If you are interested to know how to stay fashionable while staying warm, read on for some style tips featuring winterwear from Raindrops!

1. Look for a more streamlined close-fitting jacket for a more flattering look.
This streamlined, narrow-cut jacket is a great option if you are looking for a puffer coat with less bulk than your typical winterwear coat. This particular jacket offers an added element of style with its large metal buttons and angular lines that point towards the waist area creating a slim yet curved shape. This jacket comes from the brand, Creenstone which offers jackets with more luxurious fabrics and can be worn anywhere from the office to shopping to dinner. 

A great way to accessorize a slim-fitting puffer coat is with a chic hat and scarf, especially if your coat does not have have a large fur-adorned hood like the style above and the look below.

2. Look for a winter jacket with waist details or a peplum style.

A coat with a defined waist is universally flattering but especially when you have a more curvaceous figure. This coat by NILS has a defined waist with a peplum detail that can be zipped open and closed which is a great feature depending on what you may be wearing underneath your jacket. The holographic, iridescent sheen on the coat is a modern and stylish touch for the coat. 

A coat in the style up above looks very chic with skinny jeans and the back in style wide-legged jean. Take a peak below for an idea on how to wear a puffer with a waist!

3. Look for a flattering colour.

With the grey skies and white snow, many people gravitate towards a winter coat in a darker shade but why not add some some colour to the gloominess of winter? A colourful winter coat will not only add brightness to the darkness outside but also a glow to your skin. Whether your coat is one colour like the one above or multiple colours like the one below, anything goes!

4. Accessorize with coordinated hats, scarves and gloves. 

If a darker jacket is more your style, add a personal touch to your look with colourful winter accessories such as a pom pom hat, knit scarf or mitts. A printed beret or cloche hat give a puffer style jacket a more chic element while faux leather or faux fur accessories give a glamorous edge. Look below for winter accessory inspiration.

For those of you who are in need of some new, stylish winterwear to add to your cold weather outdoor wardrobe, please take advantage of this VERY generous offer from Raindrops in which you will receive 40% off of winterwear if you mention #WWRAINDROPS at purchase! How awesome is that? This is also a great offer to share with your friends or loved ones just in time for the holidays! This offers ends December 21st, so hurry over to Raindrops located at 50 Bloor Street West in Yorkville!

As a last minute tip, when you are purchasing your winter wear at Raindrops keep in mind that synthetic fills will keep you just as warm as down fills!

How do you add style to your winter wear? Let me know in the comments, Facebook and Twitter. Also, don't forget to check out Amanda's Fashion Spot on Pinterest and Instagram!

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