Wednesday, December 11, 2013

#PRESSDAYS with Lotus Leaf Part Two!

Amanda's Fashion Spot's review of #PRESSDAYS with Lotus Leaf continues! In this review we have RTW (Ready to Wear) items from MINK PINK, Dr. Marten's, Henkaa and Mantiobah Mukluks! The Spring/Summer 2014 collections from each of these brands are colourful, relaxed and filled with texture and prints, signifying a transition into an easy going, laid back style for spring! Scroll down below to see what I am talking about.


The Australian-based brand presented a collection of funky eclectic florals, grunge-inspired pieces and black and white prints for spring. Each look from MINK PINK's spring 2014 looks are organized into different trend stories such as,
Empire of the Sun which takes inspiration from "Mayan and Aztec tribes, ancient sun gods and totemic symbols" that adorn the clothing but with have an updated grunge vibe.  

Teen Spirit is all about '90's grunge with shredded denim, leopard and, cheerleader-inspired tops. This trend story also features vegan leather pieces.  

Sugar and Spice features playsuits, floral prints, lace, pastels and, chambray!

Rainbow Boheme includes multi-coloured prints for the modern day hippie pieces inspired by Australian model, Rachel Rutt.  

Finally, Carnival includes"bright prints, tribal vibes and jungle beats" translated into eye-catching colours, cropped tops, little shorts, cute dresses and, shirts.

Dr. Martens 

The shoes that were once best-known as working men's footwear and a style staple for youth culture in the 1960's have come a long way with their Spring 2014 styles. Once the flowers start to bloom and the sun starts to shine, be prepared to see Dr. Martens move into more everyday styles with snakeskin, floral and polka dots prints, metallic finishes and, high-heeled styles.


If you have ever looked for a dress that embodies versatility, comfort and style, then Henkaa is your answer! The dress that can be worn in multiple ways (check out the tutorial here to see for yourself!) comes in three lengths including mini, midi and maxi and allows the wearer to literally add a dose of their own personal style each time they wear it. Henkaa's convertible dress is made in two size ranges making it an easy-to-wear piece for women of all shapes and sizes. The dresses are also made of a poly-spandex material which give the dresses a lightweight, luxurious feel.

Manitobah Mukluks

The Canadian footwear company known for their mukluk and moccasin shoes presented a collection that was true to their aesthetic by incorporating fringe accents, leather ties and, beaded details.  Manitobah Mukluks was formed in 1997 when Metis siblings, Sean and Heather McCormick "registered their corporation and began manufacturing Aboriginal footwear." Mukluk and moccasin shoes have been the traditional footwear of Canada's First Peoples and over the years have gained popularity in the fashion world. Take a sneak peek below to check out the latest styles from Manitobah Mukluks which include prints and colour!

Deerskin Collection


Signature Collection


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A big thank you to Lotus Leaf Communications for inviting me to attend #PRESSDAYS!

Enjoy and stay tuned for #PRESSDAYS with Lotus Leaf Part Three!

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