Thursday, December 5, 2013

#PRESSDAYS with Lotus Leaf Part One!

Last week, I had the exciting opportunity to attend #PRESSDAYS and take a sneak peek at the Spring/Summer 2014 collections of some pretty sweet fashion and beauty brands courtesy of Lotus Leaf Communications. Attending market appointments is something that I had the fortune of doing during my days as an intern and I remember enjoying every minute of previewing all of the fashions that were expected to hit the store shelves for the following season. After all, looking ahead is the modus operandi in the fashion world, allowing us curious individuals to always know what to expect in terms of trends and styles. The fashion forecast for the upcoming spring season is full of floral prints, polka dots, feminine pieces, '90's style, artistic influences and, crop tops (those tiny tops are not going anywhere!) From MINK PINK to Doc Martens to Manitobah MukLuks and more, there are many styles that you can look forward to wearing once the snow melts. So scroll down below and take a look!


The store that specializes in providing an array of stylish rainwear and umbrellas to serve you during all of those wet and rainy days, showcased some of their lightweight, reversible jackets that are ideally worn for the days when the temperature is just above 0 degrees. What is also great about these jackets is that they can also be worn with a sweater underneath in the event that you will need a little extra warmth. To amp up the style factor many jackets had super chic animal print linings and super shiny shells in red, black and, yellow.

Raindrops also had a great selection of stylish umbrellas which were functional and fashionable. Standout styles included the cheeky "Merde Il Pleut" umbrella that translates into "S--t it's raining" sure to add a little smirk on your face when the water starts to pour. Guy de Jean's Can Can umbrella is fit for the Moulin Rouge and a rainfall with its ruffled layers and, the brightly coloured Romero Britto umbrellas are sure to add some figurative sunshine to a grey day.

Up above are some of my favourite pieces from the Spring 2014 collection Raindrops. The black transparent coat is futuristic chic and would look lovely on a rainy day over a classic white button down and cropped pant. You can't go wrong with a classic trench such as the look above, as it works with just about every outfit under the sun and the layered lapel adds extra interest to the classic style.

Hillberg & Berk

Hillberg & Berk presented soft coloured jewels in refined, feminine chains necklaces and clasp bracelets. Some of the pieces even included detachable charms which would allow you to customize your jewelry, bringing D.I.Y. to a whole new level! As I spoke with the people of Hillberg & Berk, it warmed my heart to learn about the companies dedication to not only beautifying women with their lovely jewelry, but also their dedication to inspire women by featuring women with inspiring stories to serve as models for their campaigns. For the spring 2014 collection, the featured model is a cancer survivor who looks beautiful in the above photographs that were taken in Mexico.


Luscious eyelashes are known for being attractive and add a dose of glamour to your peepers. Once reserved for dance performers and special events, false eyelashes have become part of the everyday beauty routine for many women. At #PRESSDAYS, Esquido presented socially responsible false eyelashes that were created by naturally shed materials and can be worn up to 25 times, which is pretty impressive if I do say so myself.

Bare Love Beauty

A beauty routine is essential for maintaining a radiant complexion. As we apply our beauty products each day we often focus on how they will benefit our skin while not always considering the ingredients that create lead to these benefits. In comes, Bare Love Beauty that uses all natural formulations that work in conjunction with your skin to ensure that your largest external organ is able to look and feel its best. Bare Love Beauty's products are made up of a blend of luxury oils that treat the skin through a time released formula, which is great because you will not have to worry about the product drying out  ensuring that your skin will remain smooth throughout the day.

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A big thank you to Lotus Leaf Communications for inviting me to attend #PRESSDAYS!

Enjoy and stay tuned for #PRESSDAYS with Lotus Leaf Part Two!

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