Thursday, December 19, 2013

Who Says Winter Wear Cannot Be Stylish?

Winter is technically not here but boy does it certainly feel like it! Over the weekend, we had a huge snowfall with even more snow headed our way. The temperature has considerably dropped with meteorologists stating that Toronto has been experiencing below seasonal temperatures. With the cold weather and the fluffy snow, what is a fashionista to do to ensure the she stays warm and maintains her style? Invest in some stylish winterwear and accessories that is what she will do! It's a good thing there are so many wonderful options available at Raindrops. As I have mentioned before, Raindrops has many functional wet weather items that are equally stylish because "Raindrops knows how to keep Canadians warm and fashionable during the winter!" Also, it is a big misconception in the style world that winterwear lacks fashionable flair but that is simply not true. If you are interested to know how to stay fashionable while staying warm, read on for some style tips featuring winterwear from Raindrops!

1. Look for a more streamlined close-fitting jacket for a more flattering look.
This streamlined, narrow-cut jacket is a great option if you are looking for a puffer coat with less bulk than your typical winterwear coat. This particular jacket offers an added element of style with its large metal buttons and angular lines that point towards the waist area creating a slim yet curved shape. This jacket comes from the brand, Creenstone which offers jackets with more luxurious fabrics and can be worn anywhere from the office to shopping to dinner. 

A great way to accessorize a slim-fitting puffer coat is with a chic hat and scarf, especially if your coat does not have have a large fur-adorned hood like the style above and the look below.

2. Look for a winter jacket with waist details or a peplum style.

A coat with a defined waist is universally flattering but especially when you have a more curvaceous figure. This coat by NILS has a defined waist with a peplum detail that can be zipped open and closed which is a great feature depending on what you may be wearing underneath your jacket. The holographic, iridescent sheen on the coat is a modern and stylish touch for the coat. 

A coat in the style up above looks very chic with skinny jeans and the back in style wide-legged jean. Take a peak below for an idea on how to wear a puffer with a waist!

3. Look for a flattering colour.

With the grey skies and white snow, many people gravitate towards a winter coat in a darker shade but why not add some some colour to the gloominess of winter? A colourful winter coat will not only add brightness to the darkness outside but also a glow to your skin. Whether your coat is one colour like the one above or multiple colours like the one below, anything goes!

4. Accessorize with coordinated hats, scarves and gloves. 

If a darker jacket is more your style, add a personal touch to your look with colourful winter accessories such as a pom pom hat, knit scarf or mitts. A printed beret or cloche hat give a puffer style jacket a more chic element while faux leather or faux fur accessories give a glamorous edge. Look below for winter accessory inspiration.

For those of you who are in need of some new, stylish winterwear to add to your cold weather outdoor wardrobe, please take advantage of this VERY generous offer from Raindrops in which you will receive 40% off of winterwear if you mention #WWRAINDROPS at purchase! How awesome is that? This is also a great offer to share with your friends or loved ones just in time for the holidays! This offers ends December 21st, so hurry over to Raindrops located at 50 Bloor Street West in Yorkville!

As a last minute tip, when you are purchasing your winter wear at Raindrops keep in mind that synthetic fills will keep you just as warm as down fills!

How do you add style to your winter wear? Let me know in the comments, Facebook and Twitter. Also, don't forget to check out Amanda's Fashion Spot on Pinterest and Instagram!

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Saturday, December 14, 2013

Amanda's Fashion Spot Chats with Sean Snyder of Trend Trunk PLUS a Special Gift for YOU!

As a graduate with honours from George Brown College's Fashion Business Industry, an in-depth program that educates their students on the business side of the fashion industry with a specific focus on how to become an entrepreneur for a fashion-based business, I always enjoy learning about entrepreneurs who are passionate, self-starters with a dream. Learning the stories behind the businesses of entrepreneurs is something that has always excited me and I am happy to share one of the stories with you today.

Enter Trend Trunk. You have read about the company here, you have watched them on T.V. and now here is my interview with Sean Snyder, the founder of the company that allows you to "make money, save money and look good doing it!"

1. How did you get involved in the fashion industry?

I get that question a lot being a male running a company that is focussed mainly around females. Trend Trunk evolved from an existing gift card exchange company. The idea was that our customers could swap a gift card that they weren't going to use for another type of gift card. We found that our customers were mainly swapping fashion-related gift cards because they are very particular. It got us thinking of a new direction that we could take the business. After doing a little bit of research, we found that there were no other companies doing this in Canada, exclusively for fashion. So the idea of having a consumer-to-consumer marketplace exclusively for fashion was born. We built Trend Trunk from the gift card exchange company's platform, so it was a smoother transition than if we had to build it from scratch. 

2. What is Trend Trunk?

Trend Trunk is a social marketplace where you can buy, sell and, donate amazing new and pre-loved fashion in a fun and simple way. Our aim is to inspire and collaborate with the fashion-minded and budget-conscious community in a trustworthy environment. We believe that one person's lonely wardrobe is another's true love! If you've got items you're not in love with anymore, you can 'cash in your closet' and use those funds to shop a user's closet whose style you love, donate those funds to your favourite charity, or get the funds deposited directly into your back account. 

Trend Trunk aims to help you:

  • Make money by cashing in your closet of all those stylish and fashionable items you have tucked away,
  • Save money by shopping fellow member's closets full of brand new to pre-loved styles they love,
and look good doing it!

3. Who is Trend Trunk's target audience?

Our marketplace is complex and growing rapidly. We are targeting both the trendy women who are looking for a great deal on a new look and the high-end fashionable women. Our focal point is women ages 18-40 years old.

4. How do Trend trunk users benefit from using the service?

Our marketplace is two-sided. We have both buyers and sellers. The buyers are looking for a great deal on fashion without the high retail cost. they can choose from items that are brand new with tags or items that have been slightly used. Most of our items range from 40-60% off retail. The sellers are looking to make some extra money from the items they have previously purchased. They can feel good knowing that their item is going to a good home and earn some additional income in the process. 

One of our customers told us a story about a purchase on Trend Trunk. She purchased a brand new Coach purse for 60% of the value. When she received it, there was a personal note inside the purse thanking her for giving the purse a new home along with some various beauty products as an added bonus. We love hearing stories like this.

Our perfect customer is someone who makes money on the sale of their items while finding a great deal on items to replace them. We've made it extremely simple for our members to do this from their account balance.

5. Trend trunk is expanding. Describe some of these expansions.

  • Trend Trunk App: We wanted to give our members easy access to Trend Trunk wherever they might be throughout their day. In the next few weeks, we are unveiling our app that will be available on both Apple and Android devices.
  •  Runway Valet: A service that Trend Trunk offers to consumers that have too many clothes to sell and are too busy to manage the sales process. Through Runway Valet our members can select a local stylist on Trend Trunk who is in their area. The Stylist will pick up their items and manage the entire sales process for them. When the items sell, members will get money deposited directly into their bank account making the process very easy.
  • The Shoppes At Trend Trunk: In response to our members growing demand for selection, we are creating exclusive boutiques for retailers and designers to showcase their brands to our rapidly expanding membership. One challenge we find is that most of our items are one of a kind and if a particular item is not the right size, colour or is already sold, then our members don't make a purchase. Boutiques and designers can solve this challenge for us by enabling them to list multiple items and while creating an additional sales and marketing channel for them.

6. Will the upcoming Runway Valet service come at an additional cost to Trend trunk users?

Users that select to use our Runway Valet service will retain 50% of the value of their items. We positioned this service to be on par or better than going to a consignment store with much more added convenience and a larger marketplace.

7. How will Trend Trunk users benefit from the upcoming, "The Shoppes at Trend Trunk"?

From the added selection of brand new items. We have a lot shoes on our site that women lust but cannot purchase because they don't fit properly. This should solve these issues. 

8. What boutiques and/or designers will be participating in "The Shoppes at Trend Trunk"?

We have some designers that were already selling items on Trend Trunk that are participating and also we've expanded to some other retailers. I cannot reveal them at this point as we have not launched yet and some are still coming onboard. We are anticipating 20 or more Shoppes to launch with and to grow that rapidly throughout next year.

9. Describe Trend Trunk's experience on Dragon's Den.

I was very nervous about how the Dragons were going to react after I jumped out of the closet. Luckily, they were receptive to it and it caught their attention. My actual business pitch was about 30 minutes however they only showed about two minutes of it. I had a great feeling of pride and excitement to have had the opportunity to present my business in front of some of Canada's most successful entrepreneurs. 

We closed a deal with Kevin O'Leary for fifty percent of our company in exchange for $200, 000 of equity in our business. That is what they showed on T.V. What really happens is that only one of every ten deals on the show actually gets finalized. You can imagine that making a six-figure business deal in twenty minutes is not reality. After going through the post show negotiations, the offer ultimately wasn't a good fit. We decided to put our current and future customers in the Dragons' chair and have started a crowdfunding campaign in order to raise the necessary funds to take Trend Trunk the next level.

We are asking the public to help fund us while giving them some excellent rewards in the process. You can find out more about it here:

10. Further explain the "Be the Dragon" campaign.

Because the deal didn't materialize with Kevin we thought of some creative ways in which we could raise money ourselves. The thought was to launch our own crowdfunding campaign the day we aired on Dragons' Den. People watching the show would come to our website to see what Kevin invested in and would be brought to our "Be the Dragon" campaign page. We asked them to sit in the Dragons' chair and help us raise funds to take Trend Trunk to the next level.

11. Describe what you find to be the most rewarding thing about being the founder of Trend Trunk.

I am amazed at the great partnerships we have built with little or no financial incentives and marketing budget. Everyday I have people telling me how great of an idea Trend Trunk is and thanking us for all the help we are providing. I find it rewarding to be able to build cross-promotional partnerships with women-related businesses giving win-win marketing situations.

As a BIG THANK YOU to my wonderful Amanda's Fashion Spot readers, I would like to offer all of you a Trend Trunk mystery gift card to shop the closets on Trend Trunk! All you have to do is enter your email address. Once you have done that, you will receive an unique pin code that once redeemed on  you will then find out the value of your mystery gift card and that value can be used towards any purchase on

Fortunately, there is no limit to the amount of mystery gift card that can be redeemed however only one gift card can be used per email address. This is a great gift for the holidays that you can share with your friends, fashion lovers or treat yourself! So get that mystery gift card that may be worth up to $250! Click on the words mystery gift card to get your mystery gift card !

<a href="">mystery gift card</a> <IMG border="0" width="1" height="1" src="">

Be sure to get some shopping done during www.BloggerFashionWeek.comwhere you can shop the closets of stylish bloggers on Trend Trunk! #BFW

Thank you reading my interview. Let me know what you think of Trend Trunk in the comments below, Facebook and Twitter! Also, don't forget to check out Amanda's Fashion Spot on Pinterest and Instagram!


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Thursday, December 12, 2013

Amanda's Fashion Spot is Featured in Trend Trunk's Blogger Fashion Week

Remember that really cool online consignment shop that I wrote about a few weeks ago named Trend Trunk? You know, the one that allows you to sell your unwanted clothing online and even shop the closets of fellow Trend Trunk users? Well, this past Monday they have launched the world's first Blogger Fashion Week! What is that you may ask? Blogger Fashion Week is an online event located at, where the formerly owned and possibly new fashion items of emerging and established bloggers from all across our home and native land, will be available for your purchasing pleasure! 

Yours truly has been asked to participate in the unique event and I couldn't be more excited! I believe that Trend Trunk is a great and easy way to discard unwanted fashion items because it allows you to share your former fashion favourites with someone who would really appreciate them. I have decided to donate a portion of the sales of the items in my closet to the Alzheimer Society of Toronto through the Closets and Causes program. Not only will someone be able to strut down the street in stylish, affordable clothing but a worthy cause that has impacted my family will benefit as well!

Today is the day that my closet will be unlocked, so head over to and shop away!

Be sure to spread the word of and use the hashtag #BFW.

Let me know what you think of the items in my Trend Trunk closet in the comments below, Facebook and Twitter! Also, don't forget to check Amanda's Fashion Spot on Pinterest and Instagram


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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

#PRESSDAYS with Lotus Leaf Part Two!

Amanda's Fashion Spot's review of #PRESSDAYS with Lotus Leaf continues! In this review we have RTW (Ready to Wear) items from MINK PINK, Dr. Marten's, Henkaa and Mantiobah Mukluks! The Spring/Summer 2014 collections from each of these brands are colourful, relaxed and filled with texture and prints, signifying a transition into an easy going, laid back style for spring! Scroll down below to see what I am talking about.


The Australian-based brand presented a collection of funky eclectic florals, grunge-inspired pieces and black and white prints for spring. Each look from MINK PINK's spring 2014 looks are organized into different trend stories such as,
Empire of the Sun which takes inspiration from "Mayan and Aztec tribes, ancient sun gods and totemic symbols" that adorn the clothing but with have an updated grunge vibe.  

Teen Spirit is all about '90's grunge with shredded denim, leopard and, cheerleader-inspired tops. This trend story also features vegan leather pieces.  

Sugar and Spice features playsuits, floral prints, lace, pastels and, chambray!

Rainbow Boheme includes multi-coloured prints for the modern day hippie pieces inspired by Australian model, Rachel Rutt.  

Finally, Carnival includes"bright prints, tribal vibes and jungle beats" translated into eye-catching colours, cropped tops, little shorts, cute dresses and, shirts.

Dr. Martens 

The shoes that were once best-known as working men's footwear and a style staple for youth culture in the 1960's have come a long way with their Spring 2014 styles. Once the flowers start to bloom and the sun starts to shine, be prepared to see Dr. Martens move into more everyday styles with snakeskin, floral and polka dots prints, metallic finishes and, high-heeled styles.


If you have ever looked for a dress that embodies versatility, comfort and style, then Henkaa is your answer! The dress that can be worn in multiple ways (check out the tutorial here to see for yourself!) comes in three lengths including mini, midi and maxi and allows the wearer to literally add a dose of their own personal style each time they wear it. Henkaa's convertible dress is made in two size ranges making it an easy-to-wear piece for women of all shapes and sizes. The dresses are also made of a poly-spandex material which give the dresses a lightweight, luxurious feel.

Manitobah Mukluks

The Canadian footwear company known for their mukluk and moccasin shoes presented a collection that was true to their aesthetic by incorporating fringe accents, leather ties and, beaded details.  Manitobah Mukluks was formed in 1997 when Metis siblings, Sean and Heather McCormick "registered their corporation and began manufacturing Aboriginal footwear." Mukluk and moccasin shoes have been the traditional footwear of Canada's First Peoples and over the years have gained popularity in the fashion world. Take a sneak peek below to check out the latest styles from Manitobah Mukluks which include prints and colour!

Deerskin Collection


Signature Collection


Let me know what you think of all of these fashion and beauty products in the comments below, Facebook and Twitter! Don't forget to check Amanda's Fashion Spot on Pinterest and Instagram!

A big thank you to Lotus Leaf Communications for inviting me to attend #PRESSDAYS!

Enjoy and stay tuned for #PRESSDAYS with Lotus Leaf Part Three!

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