Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Catch Trend Trunk tonight on CBC's The Dragon Den

Ever since "The Great Recession of 2007" and maybe a few times before it, words such as "recessionista" have become commonplace. After severe worldwide economic problems, fashion lovers far and wide have crafted ways to wear and enjoy their clothes, stay on trend and still have some money left in the bank! One way that some women (and men) have done this is to "shop their closet". In other words, instead of running out to the store to shop the latest fashion items they first look through their closet and "shop" to see how they can style their fashion pieces in order to make them look fresh and new. But, what about when your once favourite red sweater dress doesn't quite fit the way it used to or those cognac riding boots start to look a little stale? Take the "shop your closet" idea a step further and sell your closet! If you have ever been interested in selling your old clothes to a consignment shop but didn't feel like lugging your clothes out of your house, try selling them online with Trend Trunk!

Trend Trunk is a Canadian, user-friendly, online consignment shop that allows to you sell your gently worn, unwanted clothes online for the shopping pleasure of its fellow members. How Does Trend Trunk Work?? All you have to do is sign up and upload photos of the clothing that you no longer love. Once someone wants to purchase your unwanted clothes, Trend Trunk will send you a "pre-paid, pre-addressed shipping label" to make shipping your clothes that much easier and once the shipment has been received, you will get paid 80% of the selling price! How awesome is that? You know what they say, "one person's trash is another person's treasure" and in this case you get to earn money from giving away your old clothes!

You can then use the money that you have made to purchase clothes from the closets of fellow Trend Trunk users' or keep it for yourself. If you would like to give back some of the money that your earn from selling your clothes, you can participate in Trend Trunk's Closets & Causes, which allows you to donate a portion of your clothing sales.

Tonight Trend Trunk will be making an appearance on CBC's Dragon's Den at 8pm EST and again on Sunday, November 10th at 9pm EST to battle it out with the dragon's! Tweet your support tonight on Twitter using the hashtag #TTvsDD and #TrendTrunk and join the Facebook event by click here.

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