Wednesday, November 6, 2013

A Look Back at my Time with GUESS Access

As I have mentioned before, since last October I have been a fashion blogger for the GUESS Watches Global Fashion Blog, GUESS Access. An opportunity that I was granted after a long competition including a self-run social media campaign to gain votes and submitting a style blog post. It seems like yesterday, I was given the exciting opportunity to partner up with a brand that I have admire since my teen years so I have decided to take some time to look back at my time with GUESS Access. Scroll down to check out and read any blog posts that you may have missed.

From Summer to Fall, There Will be Oxblood

These photos are from my winning blog post submission entitled, "From Summer to Fall, There Will be Oxblood" that was written in August of 2012. Oxblood was the it colour for fall and since it was the end of the summer, I decided to write about how to transition my newest oxblood jeans from Joe Fresh from summer to fall. While putting these looks together, it was amazing to see how many different ways one pair of jeans could be worn. When purchasing different clothing items, I am often drawn to the versatility of each piece and begin to envision the many ways that I can wear it. For those of you who may not have a lot of clothes or feel that you need to go shopping every time a new trend comes along, take some time to look within your wardrobe, experiment and see how many ways you can wear that cropped jacket for example, or your favourite pencil skirt. You may be surprised with what you come up with!

"FASHION Magazine's 35th Anniversary Party"

For my first official blog post for GUESS Access, I had the opportunity to attend the 35th Anniversary Party for FASHION Magazine where I served as the official Twitter party host. You may be wondering what my responsibilities may have been as a Twitter party host and for those of you that are unsure, I was responsible for recording every exciting moment that occurred in the GUESS Watches booth throughout the night and then reporting it back to my Twitter page. Everything to what partygoers defined as fearless fashion to their favourite way to style a watch to the awesome tunes that they DJ was spinning, everything was posted on my Twitter timeline. After the event, I wrote blog post about it and reflected on the entire experience. Read more about it, here.

Adding Style to my Personal Space

For this blogging assignment, I had to write about an activity that I enjoy to do on the weekend. While I love to go out at night and let loose, I am a bit of a homebody and enjoy a healthy dose of crafting! Therefore, I decided to write about creating a D.I.Y. photo board. I had many photos that I had collected over the years and wanted to created a convenient yet decorative way to display them. This photo board took just under an hour to make and was easy to put together! To learn how to make a photo board for yourself, click here.

The Fashion Seasons Change

This blog post submission was my favourite to put together. After reading a fashion magazine while on vacation in England this past summer, I saw an article that talked about mixing camo print with bright colours. As a lover of camo print, I was inspired and decided to create some camo meets colour outfits myself. Camo was a very popular print this past summer and it is still going strong in the fall. If you are interested in wearing camo, don't hesitate to wear it with some colour! I was very happy with how the photographs came out for this blog post and it inspires me to wear more colour myself! Check out the fashion looks here.

Day to Night with Metallics

In this blog post, I was asked to write about day to night looks and decided to write about how to transition metallic from office wear to night wear. I had a metallic t-shirt that I really liked and a brand new silver pleated skirt, so I thought that each item would be fun to style and write about. I had a lot of fun while taking these photos. To read the blog post behind the looks, click here!

Sneak Peek at an upcoming blog post!

This is a sneak peek for my latest GUESS Access blog post! Can you GUESS what the topic is? I would love to hear all of your guesses.

I hope that you enjoyed my retrospective at my time with GUESS Watches as a One to Watch Blogger for GUESS Access. Which blog posts are you favourite? Let me know in the comments, Facebook and Twitter! Don't forget to check out Amanda's Fashion Spot on Instagram and Pinterest!


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