Monday, October 21, 2013

Styling and Shopping with Jen for Her High School Reunion!

As a fashion blogger and lover of clothes and style, I often get asked about fashion, clothes and style. The questions that I receive often entail inquiries about what one should wear to work, what kind of outfit will look appropriate at a wedding or a girls night out and many, many more. Whatever the question may be, I am happy to lend a stylish, helping hand because giving fashion advice is one of my favourite things to do! Helping people find an item of clothing or entire outfit that flatters their shape or boosts their confidence is rewarding, so that is why when my dear friend (and fellow Burlesque Baby), Jen asked me to help her find two outfits to wear high school reunion, I jumped at the chance!

To prepare for our shopping and styling session, I did a little bit of research beforehand to refresh my knowledge on what trends, fits and cuts that would be most flattering on Jen. After looking at some of her photos, I determined that she would look best in streamlined cut blouses, dark wash skinny jeans, boxy-cut jackets or anything with a defined waist. I also thought we should try a colour palette that consisted of blues, oranges and greens, as these shades would be most flattering with Jen's colouring. I complied a series of looks from magazine clippings and created mini story boards to communicate to Jen the vision that I had for her outfits and to make sure that felt comfortable with what I had envisioned.

Next stop, the Toronto Eaton Centre! I decided that we should visit "the largest mall in downtown Toronto" because of its wide selection and easy navigation. When I arrived at the mall I found Jen browsing through H&M. We had a quick chat about our style goals for the day and off we went. When working as a stylist or personal shopper, I think it is very important to ensure that I am able to create looks that not only reflect the vision that I have for my clients, but also to create looks that my clients feel comfortable wearing as well. When it comes to personal style, I believe that it should always reflect your personality and makes you feel confident. With that said it is always fun, and sometimes important, to experiment with trends when you are on the road to discovering your personal style. Trial and error is very important.

Back to our shopping trip! As we perused the mall, we stuck to the fast fashion stores, H&M, Express and Gap, where we found a plethora of fashionable items that were just perfect for Jen's high school reunion. Sticking to our styling goals, we picked out a boxy-cut quilted motorcycle jacket, two pairs of wear-with-everything-skinny-jeans one dark wash and one medium wash, a sleeveless animal print blouse, two silver necklaces, some drop earrings and pointy-heeled booties! On top of this, we also picked out a tweed blazer, nude button-down blouse and, some other items that Jen wanted to add to her everyday wardrobe.

Once we completed our shopping trip, we discussed which pieces would work together for each of Jen's high school reunion events. For the pub night, we decided that the boxy-cut quilted motorcycle jacker, animal print blouse, dark wash wear-with-everything-skinny-jeans and pointy-heeled booties would collectively make for a very hot, stylish and high school reunion appropriate outfit. For the other half of Jen's reunion which was going to be held at a homecoming game where it may be a little chilly, we decided on the tweed jacket and nude button-down blouse for a casual, fashionable and collegiate type of look.

All in all the styling and shopping experience was a success! We managed to find some awesome pieces that would work for not only Jen's high school reunion but were versatile enough for Jen to wear in her everyday life. I had such a great time paying forward my fashion know-how while helping Jen find the perfect looks for her high school reunion.

Look down below to see Jen's final looks!

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