Thursday, September 19, 2013

My Latest Fall Fashion Shopping Finds!

It is now September and soon the leaves will start to change colour. The air will cool down and we will need to dress accordingly, that is where going fall fashion shopping comes in. It is out with the frilly, lightweight summer pieces and in with the rich colours and knits. I always love to visit the stores in August to see what little fall fashion pieces have hit the stores. Before I go shopping, I also love to review all of the fall fashions so I can keep an eye out for the each seasons contemporary fashions. Although I do not consider my personal style "trendy", I do always enjoy adding pieces that are in style to my wardrobe so that my outfits look modern.

As I browsed through the stores to purchase these specific looks, I found myself gravitating more and more to fashion pieces that were edgier and darker, which had me thinking about the punk/grunge trend was originally in back in the good 'ole, now nostalgic '90's. At that time I was about ten and honestly, I couldn't stand the look because I found it dirty-looking. I was more into style that resembled the fashions of the Spice Girls. However, now that I am an adult I can appreciate the darker tones, shiny leathers and more serious look, if you will.

This first outfit features one of my favourite trends for fall, which is mixed materials. There is something about a leather or faux leather sleeve that just adds a tough-chic look to a simple coat. Olive green is also one of my preferred colours for fall, as it is earthy and natural. This coat was purchased from H&M. The black sweater is 100% cashmere and a steal at $69 coming from Joe Fresh. The waxy black pants that evoke a leather look are also from Joe Fresh.

This second look is one that I love dearly as it features these fabulous, perfectly-fit oxblood jeans that I wore in my winning blog submission for the GUESS Watches blog, GUESS Access last year. When I spotted this striped, boxy blazer (another find from H&M) I fell for the thick yet lightweight fabric. The boxy cut was something that I was drawn too because I find that boxy blazers are more flattering on my body type.

No matter how cold it may be, I just love to wear a miniskirt! I was attracted to this skirt because of the gold studs and olive green colour (can you see a theme here?). I purchased the skirt from H&M and it was on sale for $20. Although I decided to wear this skirt with a faux leather jacket and white T-shirt, it would also look great with a knit sweater that hits just at the hip. The aforementioned faux leather jacket is from Joe Fresh and my favourite part about it is the large, loose, floppy lapel that is hard to see in this photo.

Animal print is one of my most beloved prints and combined with the 3/4 length-sleeve shift dress, you have a winning match! I chose to wear this dress with these purple shoes because bright, saturated colours work so well with the neutral shades in animal print. Truthfully, when I look at this outfit the two things that come to mind are: The Flinstones and Barney but in person the outfit looks much better. The dress is from Joe Fresh. God, I just love that store.

This dress is what I like to call, to quote Kim Richards, "Va Voom Sha Bang". The polka dot sheer neckline and sleeves with the fitted black body of this dress are very reminiscent of Stella McCartney's sheer polka dot dress from her Fall 2011 collection. However, this dress is from American Apparel and is just as sexy as the inspiration. I plan on wearing this dress on a hot date!

Last but not least is this 100% silk, polka dot, button-up from Joe Fresh! Normally when I see polka dot clothing in the stores, they are in black and white so it was refreshing to find polka dot in two different shades of blue, which also happens to be the colour a la mode for the fall season.

Which fall fashion shopping finds are your favourites? How much do trends influence your shopping choices? Let me know in the comments below, Facebook or Twitter. Don't forget to check out Amanda's Fashion Spot on Pinterest and Instagram!


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