Tuesday, July 2, 2013

My London (and Paris!) Photo Diary!

Hello everyone!

During my hiatus on Amanda's Fashion Spot, I have had the pleasure of travelling to a nation far, far away that I have wanted to visit since I was a young girl after becoming fascinated with the Spice Girls. This nation is home to a rich history filled with kings and queens, the birthplace of creative legends such as, William Shakespeare and The Beatles and, is the place where it is guaranteed to rain at least every other day (LOL!). Have you guessed what "mystery" nation I write about is? It is none other than England!

I have captured every last detail (well, for the most part) of my early summer vacay in a series of photographs to share with you. So look on and take a visual trip through England:

For my overnight flight across the pond, I opted to wear something that was fashionable and comfortable. This cashmere Club Monaco striped sweater did just the trick! Combined with my trusty fedora and Michael Kors everyday bag, I was ready to travel in style and ease! To stay extra cozy on the flight, I invested in this neck pillow which helped me sleep like a baby on the flight.

Since we arrived in London at nighttime, we decided to take a nocturnal stroll in the neighbourhood and discovered some interesting things, such as these super-sized numbers and visually titillating marketplace.

Unofficial Day 1 was jam-packed! We saw the changing of the guards up close and personal, strolled through St. James Park, Trafalgar Square and, Picadilly Circus. We took some time to soak up some history at St. Paul's Cathedral and the Tower of London, while also getting a chance to have somewhat of a birds-eye view of London aboard the London Eye! For my busy day, I decided to wear something monochromatic and colourful to contrast with the grey skies. This tiny bag was a blessing, as it was lightweight and kept my hands free to take all of these photos!


Day 2 was quite the busy one, as we visited Warwick Castle which was originally built by William the Conqueror in 1068 and was the summer home of King Henry VII. You could feel the history there. What I loved about the historical castle was the exquisite detail and stunning castle grounds. After that, we ventured off to Stratford which is the birthplace of the none other than William Shakespeare, a cultural icon that has shaped our language and is credited for adding approximately 30,000 words to the English language! On this pleasant day we drove through the picturesque Cotswold, where we saw sheep and lovely canola flowers just before taking a pit stop in an English pub and then checking out the stunning Oxford University. For my outfit, I again gravitated towards colour. Are you sensing the theme of my vacation wardrobe yet? I wore my bright blue jeans and striped red and white long-sleeved T-Shirt with my pink pashmina and trusty handbag.  

On Day 3, we whisked off to the beautiful Paris where we took a panoramic tour of the truly beautiful city. Referring to Parisian architecture as "eye candy" is truly an understatement. If you love detail and decadence as much as I do, you would really enjoy taking a walk through this city. No trip to Paris is complete without a visit to the Eiffel Tower and The Lourve Museum. Fortunately, I had the pleasure of seeing both. The Lourve Museum was breathtaking and also home to the one and only Mona Lisa, which was much smaller than I expected it to be. For my outfit, I went with a "Polka Dots in Paris" look with my panel dress and accessorized with my vintage Chanel scarf and red H&M fringe handbag. 

On day 4 we opted for some shopping and headed over to the legendary Harrods, which blew my socks off! It was huge and sold just above anything, with a handbag selection that was to die for! Harrods is also home to the most decadent and elaborate chocolate/candy shop that I have ever seen so much so that it looked like the equivalent of Santa's workshop. They sold delicious sweets, such as slider-sized macarons and yummy Ginger Hunks. The pretty packaging for the said Ginger Hunks is above. We also visited the lovely Covent Gardens and took a step inside TopShop! Even though we have TopShop here in Canada, it was really cool to shop at an English store in England!  I scored some pretty funky necklaces that would most definitely fit right in with Miss Carrie Bradshaw's wardrobe circa seasons 2 and 3. For my shopping outfit, I went with a comfortable and preppy look. I love the contrast between my bright yellow cardigan, sky blue blouse and white pleated skirt!


Days 5 and 6 were more laid back as we spent some time in the London suburbs visiting family and strolling down the streets of London. We visited the beautiful Tower Bridge that had breathtaking detail and was also a great spot to capture the sunset. We took a visit to Primark, which I found to be very similar to Forever 21 or Stitches. They had some cheap 'n' chic trendy pieces that are perfect for summer, such as the palm tree printed bustier top and camo cropped jacket that I scored. For that day, I wore my yellow snake printed skinny pants with bright red cropped blazer and printed tank top. I also wore this funky sunglasses that I get from Zara in Covent Garden. We then checked out some of the famous markets that London is known for, starting with Camden Market which reminded me of a much larger version of Kensington Market and was also right by a river where people were canoeing! After that, we travelled on a double decker bus to the chi chi neighbourhood, Notting Hill and walked through Portobello Market which was selling everything from delicate silverware, tea sets, vintage cameras and, leather bags. After that, we were pooped and stopped for a little snack in a local cafe.

On our last day, we hopped on a plane and headed back home to Toronto! My trip was not nearly long enough and I could have easily spent another month exploring London but I am happy that I got to see as much as I did in just a week. I am dying to go back and enjoyed sharing my London (and Paris!) experience with you.

What places do you enjoy travelling to? Have you ever been to London or Paris? If so, what are your favourite parts? Let me know in the comments below, Facebook and Twitter!

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