Thursday, May 30, 2013

My latest blog post for GUESS ACCESS: Global Fashion Blog !

Since last October, I have a been a blogger for the GUESS Watches Global Fashion Blog, GUESS ACCESS. After a long competition that included securing votes and submitting a style blog post, I was named a Canadian finalist! When I won, I was elated! GUESS is a brand that I have adored since my high school days, where my must-have accessory was none other than a GUESS bag. I loved to carry my small patent leather shoulder strap purse or my purple metallic boho bag with faux snakeskin embellishment, and I especially adored my medium-sized denim bag with a black and white photo of a pin-up style model with pink sequin cursive letters that said, "GUESS"written across it. Take a peek at said handbag below!

A GUESS bag was definitely an essential part of my everyday look, so that is why that I am so happy that I am able to team up with the brand to deliver on-trend, fun articles for your reading pleasure. To read my first GUESS blog post about FASHION Magazine's 35th Anniversary Party, click here!

Photo taken by Kam Selladurai

For my second blogging assignment for GUESS ACCESS, I was given the task of writing about something that I like to do on the weekend. As much as I love the nightlife, sometimes there is nothing that I want to do more than relax at home. Being the visual person that I am, I love to add decorative touches to my personalize home and have it really reflect my style. For the assignment, I decided to write about a crafty, D.I.Y. idea that I have been dying to try for awhile, and that is making a photo board! Photo boards are a creative and functional way to display photos of the ones you love and those crazy, fun times that make you smile. To read more about my love of DIY photo boards, move your mouse that-a-way and click here! If the link does not work, try this one

Here are a few sneak peek photos from the post:

Photo by: Kam Selladurai

Photo by: Kam Selladurai

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