Monday, April 8, 2013

It's a bird! It's a train! It's a trend!: Pop Your Collar!

Despite the very chilly weather, it is technically spring, which means that eventually the weather will start to warm up and we can say sayonara to thick, bulky sweaters and winter coats. Transitioning into a new season comes with a new set of wardrobe choices. It is a time period where we must invest in a number of fabulous pieces that can be layered and ensure that our outfits are prepared for any type of temperature that Mother Nature thrusts upon us!

One trend that I have been loving is collared shirts. They have been going strong since last fall and are a stylish way to layer your transitional wardrobe. Collared shirts can be worn under sweaters, t-shirts, tank tops and, dresses. Adding a collared shirt to your everyday look is a great way to inject some super chic style to your outfit, as they add interest while enhancing a simple look. Coming in an array of styles, patterns, colours and fabrications, collared shirts have come a long way from the classic white button-down. 

Take a peek below for some inspiration on different ways to style collared shirts!

Jewel Tone meets Print!

If you are interested in adding a print to your outfit, wearing a printed collared shirt under a v-neck sweater like the one above is great way to do it! Print adds dimension to a simple outfit consisting of every girl's wardrobe staples (read: skinny jeans, a v-neck top and flats) by injecting an element of unexpected fun to your overall look. Mod, floral, stripes and, abstract prints are all on trend for spring and would equally look super cute and chic with any uncomplicated outfit.

Colourblock it to me! 

Colourblocking was a trend that was huge last spring and it does not seem like it is going anywhere soon. Outfits that are a kaleidoscope of colour are fun, bright and, say: happiness! Experimenting with various colour combinations in your outfit are a fashionable and fun way to try something new. Layering a bright collared shirt under an equally bright long-sleeved shirt kills two trends with one stone: 1) A collared shirt and 2) Colourblocking! Voila! Easy-peasy!   

Hello Dotty! 

Love it or hate it, sometimes spring in Toronto is a little bit more chilly than some of us would like it be. But fear not, there are many a fashionable way to work around it. If you would like to stay warm once the cold breeze blows, try layering a collared shirt underneath a sweater dress. With opaque tights and a printed collared shirt, like the polka dot one above, a sweater dress is one of the best ways to transitionally dress and incorporate the collared shirt trend into your outfit. Polka dots are a ladylike print and an easy way to add softness to any look.

Geek Chic

I must say that I am loving the geek chic look and it is a perfect way to show off that collar! Geek chic style more or less revolves around a shirt collar while combining a multitude of other pieces such as, a pleated skirt, a blazer, plastic rimmed glasses and an animal sweater. All of these pieces give or take a few, come together and create one outfit that can often look like a modern interpretation of a school girl uniform. If you are interested in channeling the geek chic look, don't forget to add your collared shirt, besides the glasses, it is the cherry on the sundae of this look!

Cozy Collared Chic!

Who says collared shirts are reserved for school, work or more formal occasions? Combined with a thick, cozy yet lightweight sweater such as this one, this is a stylish way to wear your collar and stay comfortable at the same time. If you are going to wear a collared shirt on a lazy day, it is best to go with a more oversized shirt in a lightweight cotton fabric.

What do you think of layering your collared shirts? Are you a big fan of the trend? Let me know in the comments below, Facebook and Twitter! Also, check out Amanda's Fashion Spot on Pinterest and Instagram!


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