Sunday, April 28, 2013

Hot off the presses! Amanda's Fashion Spot is on the pages of InStyle!

Read all about it! Yours truly is honoured to be featured in the May 2013 issue of  InStyle magazine in the "Inspired by InStyle" section on page 70!!!!! 

Ever since my high school days, I have enjoyed flipping through the pages of the glossy that has always provided me with fashspiration for my style choices. Whether it be for my everyday, weekend, evening looks or every occasion in between! One of the first images featured in InStyle that I wanted to emulate was one of Rita Hayworth wearing a silky black strapless gown and a mega-watt smile. I remember thinking that she looked so glamorous, elegant and, happy. I had to an upcoming semi-formal to attend at the time as I was still in high school, and I thought that a strapless LBD would be a perfect look for me to wear as I was looking for something that had all of the qualities that Rita had in that photo. 

I have always loved that InStyle took inspiration from movie stars from the past and present while ultimately providing looks that never fail to be classic while still being on trend, which is why I am so flattered that I was chosen as one of the people to be featured in the "Inspired by InStyle" page!   

The look that was selected for the magazine is one that revolves around a black and white patterned skirt and how I styled it. Look below to see my excitement and learn more about the look! Also pick up a copy of the May 2013 issue of InStyle to see my look and others that were also featured on the "Inspired by InStyle" page. If you are flipping through the pages of the mag and find yourself wanting to recreate one of the looks with your wardrobe pieces, then email your photos to !

What do you think of the look? Do you magazines inspire your everyday fashion looks?

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Sunday, April 14, 2013

One Simple Black Maxi Dress, Four Fabulous Ways!

Now, we have all heard of the LBD (Little Black Dress) which is practically a staple in most women's wardrobes. Once the spring/summer season rolls around and you are looking for that perfect little something that is casual, chic and, versatile at the same time, in comes the black maxi dress. Maxi dresses have made a resurgence on the fashion scene with the ever so popular boho chic look that Rachel Zoe is credited for creating in the early 2000's and it has been going strong ever since! Every time the weather warms up, I look forward to wearing a maxi dress as they are comfortable and fashionably functional as they can be worn with just about anything and everything while still looking stylish.

Fortunately, for this upcoming season I will have my Me to We Style black Kismat Maxi Dress as my spring/summer go-to dress. Not only is the dress made of environmentally-friendly and sustainable fabrics such as bamboo viscose and organic cotton, but when you purchase Me to We Style products 50% of the annual revenue goes directly to Me to We Style's charity partner, Free the Children which is "an international charity and educational partner" that "empowers youth to remove barriers that prevent [young people] from being active local and global citizens". It feels pretty good knowing that when I wear my new favourite maxi dress that everything about it, from the construction (it was ethically made in Canada) to the style of it, are things that have a positive impact on the world from start to finish. Although not all of my wardrobe is as Earth conscious as this dress, I am glad that I now have at least one piece in my closet that is.

So as I plan my spring/summer wardrobe, here are some styles that I came up with that are ideal when  wearing this ultra-cozy, chic black maxi dress! Look on for some fashspiration (i.e. fashion + inspiration)!

Everyday Chic

On a day filled with running errands, meeting with friends/boyfriends and, going to appointments it is best to wear something that you know will easily be worn all day without the worry of wrinkles and discomfort. If you want to look fashionable even when you are rushing around all day, pairing this simple black maxi dress with a jean jacket, printed scarf and straw fedora, is a great way to do it! On a cool spring day, jean jackets are a cute way to stay warm if a cool breeze blows by, a colourful printed scarf adds some fun to the look and, the fedora is a stylish way to protect your face from the sun! No everyday look would be complete without a large, everyday tote and this one by Michael Kors does the trick!

Boho Beach-y Chic

Nothing stands out against black quite like a pop of neon! In any shade, bright colours when paired with the deep shade of black offer a fun juxtaposition that works perfectly for a day in the sun. When heading to the beach, I love to wear something that is easy to wear with plenty of flair, which made this bright red floppy hat fit in perfectly with the overall look. The large bag adds some texture that contrasts perfectly with the smooth fabric of the dress. For the jewelry, I chose to go with brightly coloured enamel bracelets and dainty necklaces like this Rafiki jewelry piece, which can be worn as a bracelet, anklet, headpiece or, necklace! To learn more about it, click here. This outfit makes me excited for a day in the sun!

Evening Wear Chic

Now in many cases, not all, jersey-like cotton blend knit clothing are not typically the type of fabric that you reach for when planning an outfit for an evening out, but in this case it works! When worn with a black boxy blazer, embroidered handbag and sparkly jewelry, this simple black maxi dress is taken to a whole other level of glamour and style. Wearing high heels with the long dress, helps elongate the figure, creating a very statuesque and beautiful look. I would wear this outfit to a more formal evening affair such as an engagement party, wedding reception or fabulous birthday party.

Fun Night Out Chic

Form-fitting faux leather jacket? Check. High heel strappy shoes that double as a pop of colour? Check. A tiny bag to carry all of the essentials for a night out? Check. A perfect stylish, comfy black dress to complete the whole look? Checkmate! When painting the town red, a black dress is almost always your best bet as a wardrobe choice as it can be classic, edgy and, glamorous on its own or sometimes all of those things at the same time. For this look, I wanted to go with a glam rock vibe. This outfit is ideal for when going to a concert or trying out the hot new spot in town!

To learn more about Me to We Style and check out all of their great clothing and accessories for a cause, visit their website at

What are your favourite ways to wear a black maxi dress? How would you style this dress? Let me know in the comments, Facebook or Twitter! Also, check out Amanda's Fashion Spot on Instagram and Pinterest!

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Monday, April 8, 2013

It's a bird! It's a train! It's a trend!: Pop Your Collar!

Despite the very chilly weather, it is technically spring, which means that eventually the weather will start to warm up and we can say sayonara to thick, bulky sweaters and winter coats. Transitioning into a new season comes with a new set of wardrobe choices. It is a time period where we must invest in a number of fabulous pieces that can be layered and ensure that our outfits are prepared for any type of temperature that Mother Nature thrusts upon us!

One trend that I have been loving is collared shirts. They have been going strong since last fall and are a stylish way to layer your transitional wardrobe. Collared shirts can be worn under sweaters, t-shirts, tank tops and, dresses. Adding a collared shirt to your everyday look is a great way to inject some super chic style to your outfit, as they add interest while enhancing a simple look. Coming in an array of styles, patterns, colours and fabrications, collared shirts have come a long way from the classic white button-down. 

Take a peek below for some inspiration on different ways to style collared shirts!

Jewel Tone meets Print!

If you are interested in adding a print to your outfit, wearing a printed collared shirt under a v-neck sweater like the one above is great way to do it! Print adds dimension to a simple outfit consisting of every girl's wardrobe staples (read: skinny jeans, a v-neck top and flats) by injecting an element of unexpected fun to your overall look. Mod, floral, stripes and, abstract prints are all on trend for spring and would equally look super cute and chic with any uncomplicated outfit.

Colourblock it to me! 

Colourblocking was a trend that was huge last spring and it does not seem like it is going anywhere soon. Outfits that are a kaleidoscope of colour are fun, bright and, say: happiness! Experimenting with various colour combinations in your outfit are a fashionable and fun way to try something new. Layering a bright collared shirt under an equally bright long-sleeved shirt kills two trends with one stone: 1) A collared shirt and 2) Colourblocking! Voila! Easy-peasy!   

Hello Dotty! 

Love it or hate it, sometimes spring in Toronto is a little bit more chilly than some of us would like it be. But fear not, there are many a fashionable way to work around it. If you would like to stay warm once the cold breeze blows, try layering a collared shirt underneath a sweater dress. With opaque tights and a printed collared shirt, like the polka dot one above, a sweater dress is one of the best ways to transitionally dress and incorporate the collared shirt trend into your outfit. Polka dots are a ladylike print and an easy way to add softness to any look.

Geek Chic

I must say that I am loving the geek chic look and it is a perfect way to show off that collar! Geek chic style more or less revolves around a shirt collar while combining a multitude of other pieces such as, a pleated skirt, a blazer, plastic rimmed glasses and an animal sweater. All of these pieces give or take a few, come together and create one outfit that can often look like a modern interpretation of a school girl uniform. If you are interested in channeling the geek chic look, don't forget to add your collared shirt, besides the glasses, it is the cherry on the sundae of this look!

Cozy Collared Chic!

Who says collared shirts are reserved for school, work or more formal occasions? Combined with a thick, cozy yet lightweight sweater such as this one, this is a stylish way to wear your collar and stay comfortable at the same time. If you are going to wear a collared shirt on a lazy day, it is best to go with a more oversized shirt in a lightweight cotton fabric.

What do you think of layering your collared shirts? Are you a big fan of the trend? Let me know in the comments below, Facebook and Twitter! Also, check out Amanda's Fashion Spot on Pinterest and Instagram!


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