Friday, February 8, 2013

Kate Spade Opens Her First Canadian Store

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Just a few weeks ago, the wonderful Kate Spade New York landed on Canadian soil. So long are the days of purchasing the feminine, quirky, mod styles online which often resulted in high shipping and handling costs. Now you have the convenience of purchasing all of your favourite Kate Spade New York pieces under one roof!

On January 15th, 2013 the grand opening of Kate Spade New York was celebrated at a packed launch party hosted by Toronto fashion blogger Marta Tryshak of As I entered the bright and colourful store, I was greeted by friendly staff, a decorative table showcasing a beautiful bouquet of flowers, and a ballot to enter a contest to win a Kate Spade bag! Unfortunately, I did not win but congratulations to the lucky winner!

The modest sized store had a '60's pop art inspired vibe accented with a coral pink floral print plastered on the back wall. The sides of the store had convenient cubbies that housed items such as stylish, modern handbags in colourful shades, quilted designs, and polka dot prints. Other accessories included small dainty gold bow rings, large jewelled colourful earrings, and necklaces that made a literal statement. Translation: instead of standing out with their fabulous design, these necklaces stood out with their words. There were also cute little items such as agendas, notebooks, and socks! I picked up a red polka dot cashmere pair of socks and they have kept my footsies ever so toasty.

What really stood out for me at the newly opened store, was the array of kitschy pieces that were reminiscent of the work by pop artist extraordinaire, Roy Lichenstein. A glasses holder that were in the shape of a pair glasses, a hologram clutch that when bent coquettishly winks, and a tote bag with a comic book image of a girl saying, "But Chad".

All in all it was a great experience to enjoy Kate Spade New York right here at home. I once visited the store in Manhattan a few years ago and while it was lovely, it is so nice to conveniently have a location just a subway ride away! Kate Spade New York has a fun, girly, tongue-in-chic (pun intended) atmosphere and I look forward to shopping there again. If you haven't visited the store already, what are you waiting for? Go check it out and then come back here and tell me what you think!

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