Sunday, February 24, 2013

Amanda's Fashion Spot New York Fashion Week Fall 2013 Favourites

It's fashion season! From couture week to awards season to the fashion weeks of every major city, there are lots and lots of new looks out this the month that the fashion world has spewed forth. Tons of fashion designs and looks, that us fashionistas can "ooh" and "ahh" at in adoration.

At Amanda's Fashion Spot, my favourite fashion event to admire is New York Fashion Week. I must admit that I am a little bias to whatever the city has to offer but in all honesty, what I love about New York Fashion Week is the wearability of the clothes. I find that the designers that participate in New York Fashion Week tend to have designs that are just as much edgy, chic, feminine and, inspiring as they are wearable.

Check out the photos below to see my favourite looks from New York Fashion Week Fall 2013.

Erin Fetherson

This Fall 2013 collection by Erin Fetherson was filled with black, black and, black accented by metallic jewel tone pieces such as, the purple skirt and green strapless dress. This collection reminded me of something that I would to wear to a holiday party or wintertime date.

Jason Wu

Knee-length printed skirts were all the rage at Jason Wu, whether it was paired with a simple long-sleeved T-Shirt or a shiny cropped leather jacket. This silhouette works for fall because it adds a flirtatious touch to an outfit that would be worn during the cold temps.

Juicy Couture

As you can see, I really enjoyed this collection by Juicy Couture which has come a long way from designing velour tracksuits. The metallic jeans, boxy cut jackets and the combination of prints, made this a collection that I will be keeping my eye out on come fall.


Mara Hoffman
These bright, rich, saturated colours at Mara Hoffman had me inspired! Although during the fall and winter months I tend to gravitate towards dark colours, seeing this collection had me imagining different ways to winterize these looks. For example, pairing the royal blue gown with a black cropped jacket or faux fur coat. Tres chic!

Tadashi Shoji

This collection by Tadashi Shoji had me reminiscing about the all of the wonderful 19th century novels that I love to get lost in while reading on a cloudy, overcast day. The dramatic and rich reds, the metallic finishes and the velvet. All of these things point to Victorian opulence. However the way Mr. Shoji has created these things, gives the looks a slight subtlety.

What were your favourite looks from New York Fashion Week? Let me in the comments below, Facebook and Twitter! Also, check me out on Pinterest and Instagram!


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