Saturday, December 29, 2012

GUESS Watches: My Wrist Wish for New Years!

Friendship bracelets, enamel cuffs and chain link bracelets. Each have decorated our wrists in some shape or form this past year. With a combination of these pieces in a variety of ways, the fashion world has been able to create the look that is now called an "arm party". 

With the holidays in full swing and New Years right around the corner, no arm party would be complete without a watch. And no wrist should be left out of the fun that your feet may be having when they are dancing away once the clock strikes twelve.

Thanks to GUESS Watches you have a multitude of options to decorate your wrist for the holiday season and if there wasn’t one waiting for you under the tree, no need fret as there is still time for your wrist wishes to be fulfilled!

Check out the GUESS Watches Facebook page here and choose your favourite watches. Then, virtually try on the watches by uploading a photo of yourself (make sure to choose a photo with your wrist in it!) and position the watch that you would like on your wrist. The photos that you take create your ultimate Wrist Wish, that you can then share on Facebook!  

Below is my Wrist Wish.

What I love about GUESS Watches are that they are a functional and fashionable way to complete any outfit and keep that wrist warm during the chilly season. For my wrist wish, I chose the metallic and shiny options. I like a watch that can function as jewelry with a purpose and these watches do just that! Although these photos show me wearing these GUESS Watches in summer attire, for the holiday season I plan on pairing them with a long-sleeved black velvet sheath dress or perhaps a loose sequined blouse and pleated skirt!

So what are you waiting for?! Head over to the GUESS Watches Facebook page and start making that Wrist Wish! Then come back here and share with me what you are wishing for. How do you plan on styling your Wrist Wishes? Are you going to wear them for New Years?

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