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Amanda's Fashion Spot: Fall 2012 Couture Shows Part One

Only few fashion designers have the right to be called Haute Couture. It is a title associated with impeccable quality, a dash of whimsy and a huge dose of luxury. Over the past couple of weeks the fashion world has oohed and ahhed over these elite designer's creations. Only a lucky few have the fortune of adding these creations to their closets and the rest of us get to admire them in the latest glossies. Read on and see what Amanda's Fashion Spot has chosen as the top looks for Fall 2012 Couture Week. Enjoy!

1) Giambattista Valli

A whimsical, garden like collection was what Mr. Valli presented during couture week. In rich shades of emerald and red with abstract floral prints, these pieces were truly a dream and even had me envisioning an enchanted forest filled with beautiful couture. The contrast between that the lightweight gowns such as, the one-shouldered emerald gown below and the more structured dresses such as the red monochromatic, splatter print dress with exaggerated ruffled neckline, creates for a visually pleasing Fall 2012 collection that will inspire you for years to come.

2) Atelier Versace

This Atelier Versace collection was filled with pastel creations adorned with sparkle, prints and a thick belt or two. Although the pieces are meant for fall, the soft colour palette of the collection evoked memories of spring. Maybe Versace is encouraging us all to think outside the box when it comes to our seasonal colour fashion choices? I think so. 

My favourite pieces include the light, flowing gowns and structured, A-Line, knee-length trench coats. When worn I can only imagine that the light coloured gowns help a woman feel like she has the right mixture of confidence and ease with herself, while the trench coats are the perfect shape to be worn with a shift dress, pencil skirt or you guessed it! An A-line dress or skirt. Or you can choose to be bold and break the rules by pairing this style with a full-length gown. Fashion rules are meant to be broken sometimes!

3) Chanel Couture

Karl Lagerfeld's latest couture creation's were inspired by what he refers to as "New Vintage", which he describes as "something to come" and "preparation for something that could last". Judging by that description it seems that these designs will be something that fashion lovers will be coveting well into the future. I can't think of a Chanel collection as any other way as Chanel clothing and accessories are often referred to as classic, iconic and timeless.

This latest collection had pieces in shades of grey, black, white and pink, which filtered through in tweed suits and sequin gowns. The metallic silver stockings seemed like a nod to the futuristic theme of the show. Not only did this collection reinvent the classic tweed suits in new and imaginative ways but it also included a few bohemian pieces as well, such as the floral print, black and white maxi skirt paired with a grey sheer blouse.

 4) Christian Dior

One of my favourite collections is Christian Dior. Ever since seeing the influential "New Look" collection, I was in love. The classic, ladylike shapes that are seen in the A-Line dresses, the cinched waists and pencil-like shape that comes with wearing a slim, straight cut gown. It is these shapes that are still prevalent in Dior collections today, as we can see in the couture collection below.

This refined mango hued check patterned dress displays the beauty in simplicity and was recently worn by actress Marion Cotillard at The Dark Knight Rises premiere. Cotillard accessorized the look with a black belt, which shows versatility of a classic Christian Dior look. The black strapless pantsuit makes a slight reference to the early '90's revival that the fashion world has been going through as of late with the silver top part, but it still stays true to the iconic shapes on the "New Look". Nothing is more classically feminine than an A-Line cut whether it be in a gown or a coat, as this collection shows so beautifully. To change up the standard look, Raf Simons showed an A-Line dress in a green neon tie dye print and this gorgeous black coat in a shiny, textured fabric. Overall it was a wonderful collection!

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