Friday, June 15, 2012

So you want to work in fashion? Part Deux

Awhile back, I wrote a post about working in the fashion industry with some very valuable information, such as volunteering, interning and brushing up on your fashion knowledge. As a full-time student and after gaining some more experience in the fashion industry, I have learned another very helpful tip that some of you fellow fashion loving students may find beneficial. Instead of allowing school to inhibit your fashion ambitions, let school enable you to achieve them! 

What do I mean you wonder? Well, at a time when school seems to consume your life and you find it difficult to volunteer or intern as much as you would like to, get involved in school! As a high school or college/university student who may not be studying fashion but would love to dip their toes in the world of haute couture, ready-to-wear and Forever 21, here are two essential tips for getting involved in fashion when it seems that fashion world may be miles away:

1) Get in the game

The school game that is. Most schools have oodles and oodles of organizations from theatre clubs, newspapers, blogs, 'zines and associations that are filled with jobs that will you teach you very valuable skills that will assist you in your future fashion career.

See a future for yourself as the next Anna Wintour? Get involved with your schools newspaper or blog. It will help you gain writing clips and experience, which is a must if you want to start writing for your favourite fashion glossy. Also, many school newspapers and blogs have a much smaller staff than a magazine, so instead of having a hardworking intern or editor correct your work, you will most likely have to do that all yourself, which is great for you because it will give you experience as not only a writer but an editor as well.

Want to be a stylist to the stars like Brad Goreski? Volunteer to do costume design or wardrobe for your school's theatre group. You will get hands-on experience putting outfits together and learn how to deal with a colourful array of personalities. As someone that has done this before, it was one of the most rewarding, challenging and creative fashion experiences that I have had to date, so I would highly recommend it. Make sure to take pictures of all of your creations, so you can use to them in a portfolio to show potential employers.

2) Carve your own path

After looking at your school's activities list, you may find that the clubs or organizations that they are offering are just not the right fit for you. So why not start your own club? To become a mover and shaker in the fashion biz, you have to put yourself out there and take a risk and creating a club or school group is great way to do just that.

Right now is an ideal time to capitalize on social media with its popularity at an all time high. Give creating an Instagram account dedicated to documenting your school's street style a shot or start a fashion blog that writes about the latest happenings in your school's fashion scene. Each are modern, easy ways to update your fashion skills while still being in school. A couple of months back, I became the Fashion Blogger for Ryerson University's Arts of Contemporary Studies Course Union blog, called ACSLovin' and it is a great way for myself to update my fellow scholars on all things fashion. Check it out here!

Despite the amazing benefits of being an intern, sometimes it is difficult for aspiring fashionistas to have them due to little to no compensation and the difficulty to fit additional responsibilities into an already hectic schedule. So, why not try incorporating fashion into your life in a whole new way!

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