Sunday, June 5, 2011

Summer, Summer, Summertime: Sunny Day Essentials

The sun is shining, the temperature is rising and now is the time that we all go outside and soak up the sunlight. But what we to wear you may wonder? Well wonder no more because Amanda's Fashion Spot is here to the rescue! Periodically I will be featuring my sunny day essentials which will be a collection of summer fashion necessities. Read on and be inspired:

1. Goddess Dress

I have wrote about once and I will write about it again, the maxi dress aka goddess dress (what I like to call it) is the perfect dress to wear to get into that summer vacay mood. Right on trend with the seventies vibes that we are seeing this season, they are comfortable, figure-flattering and beautiful. A maxi dress will have heads turning down the street, in the park and on the beach. My favourite styles are ones with a large colourful print such as the one above (p.s. I got it from Suzy Shier for a measly $25 on sale!), stripes or bright colour. Basically anything that stands out.

What to wear with this summer essential?

2. Accessories

When you are running your summer errands, heading to the beach or having a lazy day in the park the things that you need to go along with your head turning goddess dress is a pair of wedges, floppy sun hat, crochet bag and scarf. Goddess dresses tend to be floor gazing and if you weren't born with mile long legs that would easily allow you to wear your dress with flats, I suggest wedges as they are comfortable and stylish. To carry all of your must-haves, I suggest throwing everything in a crochet bag. The light colour matches the brightness of the day and complements the brightness of your dress. If you catch yourself under the shade of a tree warm yourself up a little with light scarf. With the bright sun shining down on you, protect your beautiful face from premature wrinkles and throw on wide brim hat. It is the cherry on top of this essential summer outfit.

And that's all you need for enjoying your summer day in style! What are your summer fashion essentials? Let me know in the comments, Facebook and Twitter!


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