Friday, April 29, 2011

The Royal Wedding: Hat Trick!

One of the most common accessories for attendees at an English wedding is not the shoes or a handbag but a fascinator

What is a fascinator you ask? Originally gaining popularity in the early 20th century, a fascinator is a formal style of millinery worn on the top or side of the head typically made with feathers, ribbons or silk flowers. Keeping up with English tradition, the royal wedding saw its well-dressed guests wear an array of fascinators and hats to celebrate the union of Prince William and Her Royal Highness, Duchess Catherine Middleton of Cambridge and here are my favourites. Look on and be inspired:
Lighter Shade of Pale

On the left is Marina Fogle wife of television presenter Ben Fogle, who made her way into the royal wedding wearing a beige netted headpiece with two ribbon-like details. On the right is Princess Letizia of Asturias who wore a soft pink hat with curled brim, netted overlay and feather adornment. Choosing soft colours these attendees keep their looks appropriate for the freshness of spring.

The Higher the Hat, The Closer to God
In the photo to the left, both princesses are wearing Philip Treacy creations with Princess Eugenie in a blue fascinator with a large purple, slightly embellished flower and beige coloured feather detail, and Princess Beatrice in a beige fascinator with ornate bow detail. In the photo to the right we have Sophie, Countess of Wessex wearing a beige fascinator with a large pointy feather accompanied by two beige flowers. These women were clearly in the mood to make a statement with these height topping hats!

Noir C'est Tres Chic
Whoever said you can't wear black to a wedding? These two certainly don't think so. While attending the royal wedding Sophie Winkleman, Lady Frederick Windsor on the left, wore an asymmetrical wide hat with a fancy bow detail and Zara Philips daughter of Princess Anne located on the left, wore a sideways hat with large ribbonlike bow detail on the right side of the hat, which was designed by Philip Treacy.


In Bloom
Spring was in the air for the Royal Wedding that was thankfully not rained on by a few April Showers and these hats with large flower details celebrated that. In the photo to the left, Queen Sophia of Spain wore a beautiful lavender coloured netted top hat design with small floral details that resembled hydrangeas. On the right, we have Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg's wife, Miriam Gonzalez in coral coloured floral headpiece that appeared to be wrapped around her head.  

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