Thursday, February 3, 2011

Joe Fresh Has it All: Why be a yogi? When you can be a Jogi!

First, Joe Fresh was up-to-date on fashion-forward clothes for under $100 and soon Joe Fresh showed you how to accessorize those ever-so-trendy looks with their affordable costume jewellery line. Then Joe Fresh came out with a make-up line, nail polish and bath products and now, the perfect accessory to bring to your next exercise routine! That's right, Joe Fresh has a new line of exercise and fitness equipment to assist your workout with the newly launched and adorably named, Jogi! Is their anything that Joe Fresh can't do?

The line is a collection of jump ropes, yoga mats, toning balls and balance boards, all perfectly suited to amp up your workout and take it to the next level in style. Coming in hot pink and grey, they are the perfect motivator for those days when you would rather be sitting in front of your computer and reading Amanda's Fashion Spot.

The pieces are undoubtedly affordable ranging from $5 to $45 and are available at the Real Canadian Superstores, Atlantic Superstores and Maxi & Cie stores. I know what I will be using for my next yoga session. How about you?

What are ways that you up the style factor in your workout attire? Let me know in the comments, Facebook and Twitter!


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