Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Chic, Clean and Fit for a Princess: When fashion meets home decorating Part Three

During last summer, I shared with all of you, my desire to transform my room into the ultimate girly room and now I can finally say MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!

I took inspiration from the wonderfully talented Shabby Chic expert, Rachel Ashwell, Sofia Coppola's Marie Antoinette and fashion illustrations to achieve the room of my dreams and now I am going to share all of my secrets with you!

1) Find unique ways for storage 

A great way to add character to your bedroom and make some extra space for all of your fabulous handbags, gloves and scarves is to store them in a fashionable way. This hook is actually a hat rack that I instead used to hang my purse collection and display some photographs. This way you display your favourite accessories without worrying about them collecting as much dust. You can also use a hat rack or hooks to hang belts and scarves. If you don't have hooks in your room to hang up your accessories, you can also place them in decorative boxes. These ones I found at Century 21 in New York and each box cost less than $6! These are great to store lightweight accessories.

 2) Organize your clothes beautifully

My closet doesn't have a door on it so in order to conceal my clothes I invested in a clothing rod and window curtains to add some character to my closet. These curtains normally drape on the floor but I tied them to prevent them from catching dust and too add some character. I decided on white curtains because as you can see, my walls are bright coral so in order to balance the colour in my room I felt that white was a nice complimentary shade. This fabulous dresser from The Brick is actually a dresser designed for a child's bedroom but I could not resist. (The ornate details are reminiscent of the Rococo period which I love!) When finding ways to store your clothes try to look for dressers that represent or curtains that match your personal style.

3) Find new ways to store your beloved books

I have a lot of books and minimal space to store them so I decided to store them horizontally as well as vertically to maximize the space. I also created some vignettes with ornate decorative frames from Home Sense and old perfume bottles to make these spaces look special. Part of organizing your things and making your bedroom a space you really love, is adding little touches that really represent your personal style. The symbol that says READ is actually a set of bookends and the face statue is actually a garden decoration!

 4) Make your bed your sanctuary

Who doesn't love a bed that is not only comfortable but beautiful to look at as well? To make my bed extra cozy, I use a mattress pad and this cozy toile du juoy patterned sham cover set with a padded blanket. The best part of this blanket set is that it only cost $5 at a sample sale! In order to make your bed unique and special, look for sheet and blanket sets in fun colours and textures. Never underestimate the power of a sample sale as they are chock full of unique finds by high quality brands at low prices.

5) Never underestimate the power of old furniture

This dresser was from an old family friend's home and this chair is from my garage. What do they have in common? They are full of character! The dresser was originally plain wood so I decided to spruce up it up with some lovely white paint, making it go perfectly with the decor of my room. I plan on making a proper seat cushion for my wire chair but in the meantime it works perfectly as a place for my stereo. The best way to make the most out of old furniture pieces is to personalize them with a simple coat of paint or use them in unconventional ways.

I hope this inspired you to decorate your bedroom in a way that reflects your personal style. Let me know what your favourite decorating tips are, in the comments, Facebook or Twitter!


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