Friday, December 31, 2010

Print is NOT Dead!

This past year, the world celebrated a new invention that was predicted to change the world of magazines and that was the IPAD!

Although no one can really deny the impact the IPad has had on how we live and breathe fashion one thing is for sure, the high-tech touchscreen has not affected the beloved print magazine as expected. You see, the IPad gave birth to the digital magazine something that glossies such as ELLE, Interview and Glamour all became a part of. However, according to the Audit Bureau of Circulations, end of year sales for digital magazines have plummeted since their initial debut. For example, GQ's November edition sold its lowest number since its first digital issue and Glamour's sales have dropped 20% since its first digital version in September.

I am all for reinvention and new forms of creativity expression but there is something about a print magazine that is just not captured in a digital magazine. As much as I love online versions of fashion information, when it comes to reading the full magazine, I must say that I favour the print edition and with these statistics it looks like the rest of the world does not disagree. With the way the world is changing the online presence of fashion only continues to evolve and it is nice to see that it can happily coexist with the traditional print magazine.

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