Wednesday, December 29, 2010

How do you live on the fashion side?

There are always so many rules out there that dictate how one should interpret fashion such as, "don't wear white after labour day", "black is always slimming" and "don't even think of wearing heels with cutoff shorts". As fashion followers, we all know that these rules have been broken many a time but are there new ways to interpret fashion rules? Aren't there different ways to think of how we dress?

Awhile back I wrote Amanda's Fashion Spot: Top Ten Commandments of Fashion   and has compiled their own commandments from celebrated fashion designers. Here's my favourite quotes:

Jeremy Laing says.......BE YOURSELF! "Forget fashion, just do 'you'...Try different looks until one sticks. Ease is everything."
Charlotte Dellal says.......CELEBRATE YOUR BEAUTIFUL SELF! "It's a bit old-fashioned, but there is something about dressing up during the week rather than just on a Friday night or on the weekend...Also, if you feel like you're having a bad hair day or bad anything day, put on red lipstick and you're always good to go-even if you're feeling a bit lazy."
 Kimberly Newport-Mimran says.......HAVE AN IMAGINATION! "One should not be afraid to experiment; you need to always try things on [in multiple sizes] to see the fit. Do not judge something on the hanger alone."
 Donna Karan says.......WALK THE WALK! "If you have great legs, show them. You can hide the part of your body you don't care for and expose the parts you like. It's not about being 'fat' or 'thin'. A woman's beauty is in how she carries herself."
Prabal Gurung says.......BE A TRAILBLAZER! "Sometimes the best looks come from pairing separates you wouldn't expect together. Trends have to start somewhere."

These couldn't sound better if I have written them myself! Whenever you need some fashion advice or a fashion pick-me-up, remember these five little rules!

What fashion rules do you live by?


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