Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Glitter, Shine and Save: How to wear your favourite jewellery on a budget

After a recent visit to the dollar store for craft supplies, I decided to stroll around to see what new things the bargain store might have. To my delight I saw the cutest, little charm necklaces only for $2.99. One was a sailor inspired anchor and the other was the oh-so-chic Eiffel Tower. Now some of you might be hesitant to visit the dollar store when in need of some fashionable fare but always remember this, it is always about taste. If something is tasteful, then no matter how much it costs it won't look cheap. Believe me.

This venture into the dollar store inspired me. It made me realize that if I could find cute jewellery pieces from the dollar store, where else could I find affordable and adorable pieces to spruce up the 'ole wardrobe?

Enter Forever 21. Famous for their endless array of super-trendy, super-cheap colourful fashions, I decided to take a look at their jewellery and I was pleasantly surprised.

 Here we have Forever 21's blue, green and purple stretch jeweled cuff. This piece is perfect with a black fitted turtleneck and dark skinny jeans to help add some glamour to your everyday wear. It would also work beautifully with a simple black shift and some pearls. Wintertime is the perfect time to wear glittery and colourful pieces, so go out and scoop up this dazzling cuff. Your wrist will thank you.

Nothing says glamourpuss and sassy woman-in-charge quite like a cocktail ring. When you reach out your hand for a handshake or hold your martini glass those painted nails will not be the only thing catching everyone's eye. This sparkly stunner has a pearl centre surrounded by black rhinestones and a cluster of white rhinestones to take the shine up a notch. The colour combo reminds me of a certain brand that is synonymous with everything elegant. This goes best with your jewelled toned numbers and stiletto heels. Or for fun, glam up your plaid button down with a pencil skirt and pearls and you are ready for a fabulous day at the internship!

Crosses have been around since the Middle Ages and beyond. In the 21st century, crosses have taken a more decorative route with all sorts of eclectic creations being seen on necks all around the world. This particular cross necklace takes inspiration from the Victorian era with a shiny rhinestone in the centre. Perfect with a simple white tee or crisp white button down, this cross adds some sparkle and charm to the simplest of outfits. You can also layer this necklace with other charms or wear with your pearl necklaces for a more personalized and eclectic look.

What are your favourite ways to spruce up your look on a budget? What are your most coveted jewellery pieces? Don't forget to add in the comments or Twitter me!


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