Thursday, November 4, 2010

A Career in the Canadian Fashion Industry From A Designers Perspective

As the Canadian readers will know (myself included) as much as us Canadian fashionistas love the fashion world, unfortunately it seems that the opportunities are few and far between. However no need to fly off to the streets of Paris just yet! recently posted this article about Canadian fashion designers and their reasoning for staying in the great North. Here are the highlights!

Jeremy Laing- "It's never been a question about if I should stay or go. I like living here. It's isolated from the fashion world."
Mikhael Kale- "This season I did market in Paris and Vogue's Fashion Night Out. It is expensive for a designer to partake in all this stuff....So what I can do is have a showroom in New York and Paris but live here, which allows me the finance to do these things."
Kimberly Newport-Mimran-"I absolutely grappled with that decision because I have a larger presence in the U.S. market. But I feel rooted here. New York is an international fashion city so it's nice to have a presence there but this is home."


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