Saturday, October 30, 2010

Trick or Chic?: How to Infuse Fashion Into Your Hallowe'en Costume

It is my favourite time of year as I am inundated with a zillion fashion events to keep up with, the holidays are fast approaching and most importantly the one night of the year, when it is perfectly acceptable to wear a shockingly scary outfit, Hallowe'en!

But who says that your costume has to be ghoulish, freaky or scary? Why not try to something a little chic and dress up as your most cherished fashionista or fashionmista? What better way to see what it is really like to be like one of your fashion favourites for a day and show your love for all things fashion and style?

There are so many fabulous people to choose from but the ones that truly stood out that evoke a true signature style are none other than, Anna Wintour, Rachel Zoe, Karl Lagerfeld and John Galliano. Each have stood out for not only their career accomplishments but trademark style. Check it out below for costume ideas on how to dress as your fashion favourites!

All About the Boys

Karl Lagerfeld-When you see this man not only do you think quilted bags and double interlocking C's but you also think of a man who is in charge and knows a thing or two about how to put together a tailored and edgy ensemble. The best way to achieve this serious look come Hallowe'en is easy as pie:

For the hair, visit your local costume shop and pick up a white wig with a ponytail or if you have long, hair smooth it back and apply baby powder or temporary coloured hair spray.

For the clothes, get a velvet or satin black tailored blazer with matching pants. If you don't have one, check your local vintage store. Add a white ruffled button down and black bow tie or long tie underneath the jacket.

For the accessories, pick up silver cross chain necklaces and medallions as well as motorcycle gloves to add the edge. Don't forget the signature black sunglasses as they are the cherry on the sundae of this look.

John Galliano-Known for his magical and threatrical designs, Monsieur Galliano does not forget to add a whole 'lotta flair to his daily ensembles. With his signature tops hats and thin mustache, he always stands out. To achieve this fashion forward look follow these steps:

For the hair, purchase a long super straight bronde wig. Also, if you don't already have facial hair, purchase a thin fake mustache and soul patch or you can get some fun fur and facial glue to improvise.

For the clothes, invest in a low cut button vest and tight pants. You can have fun with it and invest in a pattern suit set with lotsa sequins!

For the accessories, wear an ornate cross, edgy, spiky rings and the signature top hat! Have fun with it and add some sequined ties, bows or faux flowers.

Where my ladies at?

Anna Wintour-as editor-in-chief of the fashion bible, VOGUE Miss Wintour's look screams authority with the dark square sunglasses with a slightly rounded edge and fabulous fur coat. If you ever wondered what it would be like to be the queen bee of fashion for a day, here's your chance!

For the hair, you must purchase a light brown bob wig for it is just too perfect and too cute. Try buying a wig made for flappers as most of them are bobs.

For the clothes, Anna Wintour is often seen in an oh-so-chic fur coat and printed shift dress. Perfect for a lady and perfect for a fashionista. Try black tights with your dress due to the chilly weather.

For the accessories, black plastic sunglasses and statement necklace, preferably one with baubles galore. Also, try a slim gold or leather strap watch to add a touch of sophistication.

Rachel Zoe-The Zoeinator is everyone's favourite stylist. With her hilarious and fashionable reality show, The Rachel Zoe Project in which she seems to have a catch phrase for literally everything (literally) she shows that working in fashion is no piece of cake. Re-creating her famous boho-chic look is like one, two, three.

For the hair, if you don't naturally have blonde wavy hair invest in a wig. You can also purchase some blonde hair mascara to create her California sun kissed hair. For her signature waves, whip out the old curling iron.

For the clothes, there could not be a true Rachel Zoe look without her staple fur vest and wide leg jean. Make sure to invest in a flow-y blouse underneath. If you are in the mood to wear a dress, check out a vintage store for a colourful and printed lightweight butterfly sleeved maxi dress.

For the accessories, oversized sunglasses, oversized clutch and wedges. Need we say more?

There you have it! Your guide to being fashionable and fabulous this Hallowe'en. Email or tweet me your Hallowe'en looks!


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