Monday, September 27, 2010

A Little E.V.O.O. Goes Along Way

I don't know about you but once the summer is over I like to do a little beauty overhaul to accompany my fall fashion wardrobe overhaul. This means that I wear more make-up, paint my nails a little darker and moisturize!

Although the cooler weather does wonders for my hair (it keeps the frizzies away) it unfortunately does not have the same positive effect on my skin. As we all know once the temperature drops on the outside, your skin gets a little dry on the inside of your clothes and in all honesty, who wants dry skin?

My little secret for smooth supple skin is the following: olive oil and coarse salt. How exactly do these work? The salt helps exfoliate your skin while the oil moisturizes it revealing skin as smooth as silk.

Now keep in mind that this homemade exfoliator can be a little messy so make sure to do it in the bathroom and over a towel or in the bathtub.


1/4 of Olive Oil
1/4 of Coarse Salt


1. Mix the olive oil and coarse salt in a small bowl.

2. Take the mixture in your hands and gently scrub your legs and arms.

3. Hop in the shower to rinse it off and your done!

That is all you need for a frugal and natural way to stay silky smooth under your skinny jeans and wool coats.


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