Sunday, September 19, 2010

Bon Aperitif!

Look no further than an Aperitif to start any fashionable dinner party, a must for any girls’ night in. What is an aperitif you ask? It’s an alcoholic drink served before a meal (think of it as an alcoholic appetizer) to stimulate the appetite.

Aperitif comes from the Latin word aperire meaning “to open” with he origins of the Aperitif still up for debate. Some speculate that serving an aperitif existed from the time of the ancient Pharoahs with the custom of serving an alcoholic appetizer being picked up in the 18th century by the Italians with the invention of Vermouth. When the 19th Century rolled around both American and Europeans alike adopted the custom of serving a cocktail before dinner. Thus the Aperitif was born!

There are several types of drinks usually served as Aperitfs such as champagne, sauvigon blanc, chablis, sherry’s and flavoured liqueurs, such as ouzo or campari. There are also many plant based Aperitifs such as those made with “bitters” (spirits flavoured with bither herbs) which have been used therapeutically throughout the ages.

So the next time your planning a grand dinner party, why not interest your guests with an Aperitif? This will definitely take your dinner party to the next level. 


Donna for Amanda's Fashion Spot
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