Wednesday, August 25, 2010

So you want to live in Manhattan?

As you all know I have spent the last 10 weeks living in the Big Apple! It was an exciting, life-changing experience and I learned some very important lessons about living in the city that never sleeps. As mentioned in a previous post, for part of my stay I lived in the NYCIntern housing for living in Manhattan which is affordable and fit for any student (it even comes with roommates!)

What if you don't want to live the student life while living in New York? What if that's not your thing and you want to live like a real Manhattanite? Ladies and gentlemen, you are in luck!

There are tons of options for those of you who want to live in New York the non-student way. Read on:

1) Corporate Housing!

This is a form of housing that provides furnished or unfurnished apartments for a minimum of 30 days throughout Manhattan. Ideally for anyone who is living in New York City for a short period of time and does not want to sublet (which means you live in a stranger's apartment).

PRO:  It's great because you don't have to buy furniture. Also some offer house keeping and dry cleaning services.

CON: Availability for the apartments fills up really fast so you gotta be quick when booking a place. Be sure to check out the area you would like to live in so you can give the agents an idea of where you would like to live.

Try: Furnished Quarters and Bridgestreet

2) Extended Stay Hotels!

Some hotels offer apartment-style rooms equipped with a full kitchen and appliances, housekeeping and laundry services. These are great because you get the luxury of a hotel at a lower price point.

PRO: You get the feeling of being at home coupled with the benefits of a hotel.

CON: Some apartment-style hotels are located in obscure areas of Manhattan i.e. really North in Manhattan and in the really busy, tourist-y Times Square. Also, some do not provide wireless internet.

Try: Michaelangelo Hotel and Marmara Hotel 

3) Hotel 

If you are going to stay in Manhattan for a month or two, may I suggest staying in a hotel? If you are staying during the summer, many hotels offer discounted prices especially if you are going to there for a long time. The good thing about about living in a hotel is that they want to please YOU so if you have any problems i.e. bed bugs, cockroaches (Very common in NYC. EW! I know.) the hotel staff will be there to assist you in a heartbeat!

PRO: Security, daily housekeeping, a concierge to help guide you through NYC and the front desk to count on if anything goes wrong!

CON: Staying in a hotel can sometimes come at a hefty price however, don't underestimate the word negotiation. Also, many hotels have expensive laundry services and no kitchen or appliances. 

Try: On The Ave 

For part of my stay in Manhattan I stayed in a hotel called, On The Ave and it was great! I didn't have a kitchen but since I was staying there for a long time the hotel staff kindly offered me a mini-fridge to use during my stay. With On The Ave being located on the Upper West Side right across the street from a really cool organic restaurant it wasn't hard to take care of food. And when you live in NYC, who eats inside anyways?

For all of you independent types who would like to live in NYC, I highly suggest trying any of the above accommodations when staying there. Living in an environment that you feel comfortable in while living in a big, foreign city is crucial, so before you go rushing to live in student housing do a little research.

Believe me it is well worth it!


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