Thursday, August 26, 2010

Leggings, Leggings, Leggings, I love leggings!

Lindsay Lohan can be credited with the leggings revival over the past couple years. After seeing her wearing leggings everywhere and with everything, leggings have really hit the big time! And all I have to say is, Thank God! 

As an individual who is not the biggest fan of pants to begin with, I am so happy to see that the stretchy bottoms that were once reserved for dance and exercise class, can now be seen with day, night, work and evening wear! If you want brights, leather, printed or denim you got it! 

My favourite way to wear leggings are with more structured pieces such as a blazer or bottom up because it helps elevate the casual look to something part-professional, part-fashionista. Behold the below looks for some inspiration on how to wear leggings: 

Here are one of my favourite pieces, pink jeggings. To me, they are combination of 1950's casual style and Beverly Hills valley girl circa 1992. With a ton of stretch they are very comfortable and look best with soft greys, camels, whites and pastels. I love this look because it is the right combination of classic looks and trendy style. The silky scarf picks up the pink in the jeans as well as providing a contrast and the blazer helps balance the colour. J'adore!

In the second look we have the infamous leather leggings. I absolutely love these because they are sexy and comfortable at the same time! The best way to wear them is with something a little loose on top such as a blazer. In this look we have my leopard print blouse and structured black blazer which is the ideal look to pair with your liquid leggings. I love this look because it combines two of my favourite looks, leopard and the classics. The third look shows another fun and casual way to wear the infamous shiny leggings. Structure? Check! A fun print? Check! Voila! 

Finally, we have my favourite part of denim technology, jeggings! I love these because you have the style of denim with comfort of sweatpants. Here I paired them with a comfy striped sweater and kitschy red jewellery. Jeans look best worn in a classic style or a little trendy and this look is a little bit of both!

How do you like to wear your trendy pants? Send me a pic and I will post it on my blog!


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