Friday, August 13, 2010

A Day in the Life: I Had A Dream Part Twelve "A Canadian Girl in the New York City"

Well ladies and gentlemen, today was my last night at my very exciting, very fashionable and very wonderful internship. The entire experience was everything that I imagined and more. It was a complete change from anything that I have ever experienced in the fashion industry and I absolutely loved it! Going through this entire experience only reaffirmed all the hopes and dreams I had when moving to New York City and motivate me even more to go after my dreams. Mark my words, this will NOT be the last internship I have in this city. My experience here was only the tip of the iceberg.

Now that the experience is over, here are some valuable lessons that I have learned:

1) Always put yourself out there

Any time an opportunity arises to do something to help out your boss or try out something you have never tried before but have an interest in, do it! This will be an excellent opportunity to learn a new skill or a new facet of the magazine, pr company or showroom, that can be very valuable in helping you determine what direction you would like career to go in and an opportunity to do something fun!

2) Always ask questions

If you are unsure about a given task, don't be afraid to ask questions. It is much better to ask your boss how to do the right thing than not ask and do the wrong thing. That does not mean that you should ask your boss about every lil' thing. Try your best to figure out what you need to do to see if you may be able to find a solution and if that fails, you can always ask your boss.

3) Dreams DO come true

When I first embarked on my journey to New York City, I cannot even tell you how many told me that pursuing an internship here was impossible or that a Canadian pursuing an internship in New York City was unrealistic. As you can see, I am living proof that Canadians can get their foot in the door in the New York fashion industry. Let your haters be your motivators. If you someone tells you that you cannot achieve your life long dream of having a couture show in Paris or writing for British VOGUE, don't let them stop you. Stay focussed on your dream, believe in yourself and enjoy having the last laugh.

That's all fashionistas and fashiomistas! I loved writing about my journey to New York City and I hope I have inspired some of your to achieve your own dreams. Go big or go home and always shoot for the stars! 

I can't believe that my summer in New York City is almost over but this is not goodbye to New York City, it is only see you later!


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