Monday, July 26, 2010

Summer, Summer, Summertime: Resort Collections Part Deux

Maybe it is just being in New York City living through a heat wave but as of late I cannot resist colour in my wardrobe and with Marchesa's resort collection it is hard to resist. There are so many beautiful cocktail dresses and full length gowns bursting with oranges, golds and a touch of India. Whenever you want to feel like you are vacationing on a yacht around sunset in the Mediterranean, throw on one of these numbers and you will feel just like that. Look on and admire:

I love this teal maxi dress, which I like to refer to as a goddess dress with its gold and black accents. The large tribal necklace and earrings add to the exotic look of the gown. I love the flowing hem of the dress which I could just imagine floating behind whoever is lucky enough to wear this. The colour also accents a midsummer tan beautifully. Some wonder where it is appropriate to wear such a gorgeous dress and after seeing the streets of New York, may I suggest everywhere? Maybe not one as fancy as this up and down Madison but if you have a dinner to attend or a show to catch, why not through a colourful maxi dress with some gold bangles and strut down the street?
Nothing beats a minidress especially after those long walks around the city and gruelling hours on the Stairmaster. With all that hard work, who wouldn't want to show off those toned gams? This embellished dress with orange fringe by Marchesa is glam meets Abu Dhabi. The tiny, ornate embellishments and bright tiered fringe bring a simple silhouette into show stopping territory. I could just imagine wearing this dress at cocktail party on a rooftop terrace looking over Manhattan! 
Hot heat equals pink cheeks and this one-shouldered number takes fuschia to a whole new level! The animal print and gathering at the waist complemented with the ruffled sleeve are what makes this dress ultra-glamorous. Animal print has been everywhere lately and I cannot say that I am complaining. I have always been a large fan of animal print and when used in colour it can look very luxe as this dress proves very well.

Until next time! Enjoy!

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